Saturday, 1 January 2011


I bet you're wondering what i did for New Years?
Well the local bar was closed, it got raided about a week ago after one of the hooch containers exploded and fonged out the whole fucking unit, so it was a sober one for me i'm affraid...
 There was a break dancing battle in the kitchen which lasted for about half an hour, until the captain came running into the unit screaming 'WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON' and we had to scram! Yikadges!
 When it finally got to twelve, me an my cellie sparked up an extremely big/crude snout, and toasted the new year with some moonshineries...from about five minutes before twelve, to two hours after, EVERYONE in the jail were kicking their doors/punching the walls/screaming, it was like fucking armageddon...was too funny seeing Sha calmy stand up, put his shoes on, then run and boot the door about 50 times lol
 Definitely a new years to remember!
 Here's hoping this year is going to be better than the last one..
When we were being locked in, all the inmates in the unit were going around wishing everyone a happy new year, after the head of the Bloods came upto me to wish me a new year, an italian dude calmly walked up to me an said..
"Hey English, Happy New year! It's going to be Happy year, so be happy my freind :D

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