Friday, 7 January 2011


Things are very hard at the moment.
Despite being in federal prison, things were starting to get better..

Life decided to take a lamb bhuna shit all over me...asif there wasn't
enough fecal matter in my life already, i am now absolutely drowning
in shit, everytime i try to grasp for air i am forced to chew on nutty
logs until i puke all over myself...

 Every morning when i wake, as soon as my eyes open,
the same old crap...
 I am confronted by the sagging asshole of life, winking, cheeks spread
apart, slowly squeezing a scatty lionbar over my face like a shit moustache..

 They might as well turn the cell above mine into a Turkish toilet, cut a hole
in the floor, aim it at my head, and line up people to continually splatter my
bonce with white hot explosive diarria...

 Whenever anyone asks me 'what's new?', i usually reply "same old shit"
My freind Biz gave me an interesting reply..
 "Nah dude, it's never the same shit..unless you're eating your own shit..
Different shit, same toilet."

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