Wednesday, 19 February 2014

90 days left

After a long break I’ve started to fast again, my new routine is fasting from breakfast on Thursday morning to the following breakfast on Friday,

I work on Fridays in the kitchen, but it’s nice to take some time out during the week to clear my head.

I am just about on the point of having ninety days left until my release date and at times anxiety can get the best of me,
not paying attention to the constant stupidity and ignorance around me can also be hard,

But I’m doing good.

There have been a few incidents recently that I am proud of..

Anyone or most people who knew me prior to my incarceration may remember my wreckless approach to voicing my opinion particularly to a polar opposite opinuated individual,

I would get into massive arguments with people and needlessly lecture long after it was established that both parties viewpoints were not wavering,
emotion would take over from logic,
energy and time needlessly wasted,
with an outcome of frustration and annoyance for everyone involved..

The specifics of what occurred recently need not be shared as, if you are someone I know or identify with or hold similar views to,
whatever it is that was said to me that I found offencive will probably annoy you too which makes it pointless,
if I give a fuck about your wellbeing, sharing it with you..

Just take my word that they were very poisonous and ignorant comments that were said to me under the assumption that, due to my light complexion, I would agree with..

This is nothing new to me pre or post arrest but my reaction, in hindsight, was definitely something for me to ruminate over and worthy of a little contemplation..

I didn’t get mad and raise my voice nor argue why the comments muttered were wrong..

Instead I calmly explained my opinion and why I felt differently, then kept it pushing..

No need for emotional input or aggressive reaction!

It only serves as validation to the ignorant..

A few calm words breaking down your opposing opinion must be more productive than a lot of angry ones attacking someone elses, right?

It seems that way to me..

At least NOWdays..

Every week or so I have been exchanging books with my friend Voodoo.

First he gave me a book on the Knights Templar and in exchange I lent him a piece of text about the Shifting Models of Existence,

Earlier this week though I leant him a book on Enoch the Ethiopian prophet and his transofrmation into the archangel Metatron and Voodoo lent me,

"The Unencumered Spirit-Reflectations of a Chinese sage"

It is a book of ancient Chinese proverbs that I highly recommend giving a read..

Reading this today made me smile..

"When attacking someones faults, do not be too severe, 
you need to consider how well he will weather what he hears. 
When teaching someone by showing them what is good, 
do not pass certain heights,
but hit upon what he should be able to follow"
-Hung Ying-Ming