Wednesday, 26 January 2011


 Sitting around the card table, you hear some pretty fucking funny shit.
Granted, most of it is from Sha..but still.

 "Yo timdog, you better put on the blog that i saved you"
"Yeah, tell em some nasty n****rs tried to break you off and i saved you. that'll
get me some freak English pussy"

 During a conversation about my exploits in NYC
"Man, n****rs your age are on some real freakazoid shit"

 One of Sha's partners has a cellmate that wakes up in the middle of the night singing..
"Ain't no one singin in this motherfucker, a n****r do some real Rick Flair shit an piledrive you,
break your fucking neck"

 The unit cracking down on cigarettes and drugs..
"Motherfucking crackers trying to fuck up a n****rs bid..fuck you motherfucker, what, cos
i came to jail i ain't supposed to break no laws? Fuck off man"

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