Wednesday, 27 February 2013


"Behold in the candle born by this Chandler, to whom i give birth, that which shall clarify certain shadows of ideas..I need not instruct you of my belief. Time guves all and takes all away; everything changes but nothing perishes. one only is immutable, eternal and ever endures, one and the same with itself. With this philosophy my spirit grows, my mind expands. Whereof, however obscure the night may be, i await the daybreal, and they who dwell in day look for night...Rejoice therefore, and keep whole, if you can, and return love for love" - Giordano Bruno 1582

Due to a rather overzealous inspection this morning i have
had to take down all the letters and postcards sent to me
over the Christmas period.

I know that it is almost March..

But that's not the point..



-Marilyn Dorreen Julie Debra and Lindsay from Prisoners Abroad

-Maureen and John

-Chris K.

-Mum and dad


-Alex N.


-Lisa and Rob

-Pete in Australia


-Soke Two

-Marcy from Prisoner Visitation and Support

-Paul Angeles


Thankyou for taking the time to write to me.


Whether it was a Christmas card that was originally intended
for an elderly grandmother, a re-print of a Ohara Koson painting
or a very impressive watercolour painting printed onto a card,
Know that whatever you DID send actually made
it's way to New York City.

After shifting through MANY devious pair of hands it finally
made it's way to me and your shit has sat above the light in
my table for the last couple of months..

Up until ten minutes ago.

When i was told I had to take them all down.


Monday, 25 February 2013

I'm listening to Johnny Cash on a Sunday

Thank you to everyone who has bought a t-shirt recently
as it was very kind of you to show your support like that,
they actually sold out in a couple of days so a second run
has been printed up if you didn't manage to get one the
first time around..

I've got about two weeks until my sentencing date and as far
as i know all necessary paperwork has been submitted..

People have been very helpful recently in keeping my mind occupied..

-Letters with nice photos

-Emails giving me a heads up of what's happening outside at the moment

-Books and comics

I even had a visit recently.

She said i look different.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

My mouth is burnt from hot peanut butter

"If we feel ourselves to be insignificant, powerless and ordinary that will reflect in the five-sense mirror as a life experience that is without power. We will be just another sheep in the pen considered by ourselves and others to be insignificant and expendable. In truth we are none of those things. We are genius incarnate, infinity incarnate, if we choose to be. But when our isolated, disconnected, droplet of consciousness is programmed to *believe* that negative version of ourselves, we reflect that state of being into the five-sense mirror and "live" that imagination of ourselves, that reality."

"Once you reconnect to the infinite ocean you begin to understand that nothing and no one is powerless, ordinary or insignificant. To claim so is to say that divine infinity is all of these things. You start to realize that if we change our imagination of ourselves we can live our lives as the incarnate ocean and not as a disconnected droplet; as infinity and not only as far as our eyes can see. Then we can tap into and express the full magnitude of who we really are" - David Icke

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vibrations in the mind of God

"We don't live in a "world" at all. We live in a frequency range, the one that our five senses can access and perceive, and the five-sense range of perception is tiny. "Heaven" is not in the sky. The sky is the sky. Infinity consists of infinite frequencies sharing the same space in the same way as all the radio and television frequencies broadcasting to your area now are sharing the same space that your body is occupying. Those broadcast frequencies are not just around your body, they are sharing the same space. They can do this because they are operating on a different frequency range or wavelength to your body and to each other. Only when the frequencies are really close do we get "interference", otherwise all are oblivious to each other's existence because they literally operate in different frequencies, different "realities" or different "worlds"." - David Icke

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


What could someone POSSIBLY tell you (me) that would alleviate your (my) problems?


Does it really help smearing some next nutty dog shit
that's on (my) your trainers onto the next man?


If tell ten people about the seemingly RIDICULOUS issues
I'm having to deal with at the moment..

Will i actually feel any better?

If my situation is genuinely as bad as i think it is,
by telling someone that cares about me and wants the best for me,
how is it going to effect their quality of life by telling them all about
the mountain of bullshit that I'm having to juggle with at the moment?

Will they feel good knowing about this?

Not likely..

If they could actually help it would be one thing,
but at they can't then I'm just spreading negative energy
around and to be real people might listen to that bullshit
at first but after a while motherfuckers don't wanna hear
that monkey shit no more.

Even in the WORST case scenario..

At the very least i know i have my family
and friends backing me and showing me support.

Shit man..

My life..


It hasn't exactly gone to plan i must say.

Not that there ever WAS a fucking plan..

But you get what i mean..

Day to day.

That's the only way to take it..

I'm well and truly DONE telling myself
how 'this isn't permanent' and 'one day' and all
the rest of that dumb shit I've been repeating
for the last god knows how much months and years..

If i keep telling myself this shit then it's almost as if
I'm mentally reinforcing the idea that I'm in need of
comforting and that my life is a struggle.

Which isn't good.

That's not actually going to help!!

I tell you what though..

I imagine..


That when you're stressed, you could use a pipe that,
if running along the ceiling of your room, could be used
to do sets of ten pull-ups..

I never have never done this or witnessed anyone doing so..

But I imagine that when shitty thoughts start to cascade through
one's brain, to the point where after TWENTY NINE MONTHS of being
held in prison without being sentenced you cannot see ANY FUCKING END
to this shit..

Doing some pull-ups might help.


Real talk..

I've done all the legal work i can.

I am no attorney nor do i have any background in Federal Law.


I've taken the time to write to anyone and everyone
that could possible help me in my attempts to get some
kind of justice or fair resolution to my case..

If i STILL get fucked!?

FUCK man..

Then i simply never stood a chance from the get go.

I was ALWAYS going to get fucked.


Effort Timothy..

It's the effort you put in that you're responsible for..

NOT the outcome..





If things really do go tits up..

Someone please remind me of the above..

Sunday, 17 February 2013

i'll tell you

Apparently a water pipe busted on 42nd street in Manhattan last week.

That's the story anyway..

Since then apparently most of Manhattan
has been without flushing toilets and drinking water.

Luckily i took a fat shit before all this happened.

Slow flushed that motherfucker down the toilet
just before any bullshit came into play.

Other motherfuckers weren't so lucky..

Just try for a second to imagine the afternoon delight of
having to be in the same vacinity of a freshly curled out
jailhouse turd..

It's not in water either like in your average toilet.

Oh no..

It's just resting on top of a load of toilet paper.

An you have to be locked in the same
room as the poo..


Pure violation..

I remember this one time when i was locked in the cell,
my bunkie took it upon himself to shit in the toilet while
the toilet would not flush.

I don't think i've ever been so angry in my entire life.

It wasn't funny in the slighest..

I had to a thick orange blanket around my face as
tightly as possible and i could only breath in very short
breaths out of my mouth with my eyes closed huddled
in the fetal position.

I was so angry i was shaking.

I shook with rage.

I can put up with a lot of bullshit.


That shit was too much though.

It wasn't funny.

I didn't see the funny side of it later.

And quite frankly i don't want to talk about it anymore.

It is possible to flush a toilet when there's no water
running in the toilet.

Or the other option is shitting in a trash can.

It's a very small target though..

You gotta keep one hand on the door handle
incase some fucking idiots tries to open the door
an exposure you squatting, coupled with the super
serious matter of not knocking it over.

It more than likely that it has someone else's shit in it too.

Perhaps even three different people's..

Seperated by thin layers of toilet paper..

Failing that like i said you can always flush the toilet
by pouring a huge amount of water into it to push all
the badness away..

It's tricky though and really shouldn't be done on your own..

"You been workin' out a thousand years an you can't lift that shit?"


No i can't..

It's full of water..

It'd just be stupid to try
and do it on your own..

As always he thought he knew better..

"It smells like piss in here dog"


Yeah it does smell of piss in here now yeah..


Friday, 15 February 2013

The post was better

Each day of the week we are given a specific newspaper.

It's like the New York equivalent of the Sun or News of the World..

When it's given out there is a line the paper makes its way through,
starting with the henchest dudes in the unit and slowly petering its
way down to the less threatening individuals before it's scooped up
by the sexual deviants and chopped up into jerk material.

I get it pretty early.


It has nothing to do with me though..

I get it through association..

I just got kicked out of my cell.

I WAS going to read the paper while sitting on my bed,
relaxing before starting my afternoon workout but that was
not to be as my bunkie needed to take a "New York Shit" so
here i am, sitting outside the cell at a table, making my way
through the pages while occasionally glancing at the most
ridiculous game of chess I've ever seen..



One of the guys playing has this one brown tooth at the
front of his grill, it points out of his mouth and looks like
one of them teeth that gets dunked into a glass of coke
overnight to show you how bad that shit is for you..

Word on the street is that his tooth got like that
because it repeatedly took the full force of the blast
each time he was sucking on a glass dick!!

The other guy playing is some next hairy Puerto Rican dude who,
according to him, when he doesn't shave for a week his beard connects
with the hair at the back of his neck.


He's cool though!!

We spent about an hour discussing Iphones, fingerprint technology
and shape shifting Lizards last night when i was in a haze from fasting
all day, he seemed pretty clued up, so much so that he is now reading
a very good book that a close friend of mine sent me a year or two ago.

So I'm slowly flicking through the pages of this paper..

My coffee tastes really good today,
i got a new routine of putting in two mints and two scoops
of cocoa powder each time i make a cup, makes it taste like
some weird mint chocolate hybrid of coffee and is just about
the most exciting thing i can put together at the moment.

Trying to watch what i eat..

Hoping to get a visit sometime soon..

I'm well aware what this paper is made for,
who put the motherfucker together and exactly
what their interest is in doing so..

So when it comes to ME reading it..

-pretty girls

-nice clothes

-interesting places

That's it..

You can miss me with all that other monkey shit..

I enjoy picturing myself out there and imagining
what the hell i might be up to if i wasn't in jail..

What what i be doing..

It also helps me to plan for the future.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I don't hang out with many people in here anymore.

Some people are really cool and i like to spend time with them,
i know what i can expect hanging out with them and after all this time
it makes sense to be aware of what you can expect from certain people,
i don't need any drama or surprises in my life right now just individuals
that are going to keep me in a positive state of mind..

If i choose to share my time with someone i don't want it to be draining.

This guy is my friend.

Most people think he's an idiot..

This notion has come about through his effortless daily
arguments and comments he makes to people without
really thinking about what he's saying or doing..

To me he's a good natured person who has no malice in him
and when i fuck with him it's probably going to at the very
least pretty funny..

Which is why i fuck with him..

-We workout

-We cook

-We joke

When i fuck with him i know exactly what I'm going to get..

As i lay on my bed..

Staring at the ceiling..

I think about what I'm going to do with my day..

There is a hazy part of the afternoon,
usually around twelve or one, when i have not made up my mind
as to how I'm going to spend the next twenty four hours of my life.

-Work out

-Call somebody

-Email somebody

-Clean up

It could go either way..


Today that's enough to make my mind up..

So with that, I pull on a crooked, battered, fraying beanie hat,
a pair of XXXL shorts, grab my plastic grips, fill up a plastic mug of water
and walk over to the pull-up bar to join my friend..

"Why the hat?"


When someone questions what you're wearing,
whether it seems to be out of genuine curiosity or perhaps
leaning on the side of mockery, it's a good look to cut that
bullshit short before any kind of stupid monkey shit can
go down.

You can do it two ways..

-An amusing reply

-Make out that you're incredibly pissed


"Oh werd?!?"

Underneath the bar is a grubby stack of blue plastic boxes.

They're used for doing different kinds of pushups..

Also they are used for when people are doing pull-ups as
the bar is kinda high.

At least for ME it's kinda high..

I am around 5.7.

My friend is around 6.1

We go through the same childish routine
every time we go to work on this fucking bar..

Every time he is about to get some money,
he kicks all the blocks over as he doesn't need
them to get up on the bar..

Then i have to stack them back
up when it's my turn.


He finds this funny.

"Yo' short ass!!"


"Yo' long fucking FACE!!"


I do not..

Once in a while my friend tells me something
that makes all the stupidity and arguments i have
to endure in his company worthwhile..

A little story..

An anecdote..

A question..

He'll spit something out that reminds me exactly
what i fuck with him in the first place..

Today he asked me if i thought it was a good idea if when
the medication lady asks him if he's taken his pills..

He responds by sticking his tongue out as far as possible..

Waggling it in and out of him mouth..

While going "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" in the most sexually deviant manner you can imagine..

What do you think i told him..

Sunday, 10 February 2013


I was supposed to get sentenced on Monday and up until
Friday i still thought this was the case.

No one had told me any differently..

Something came over me though and suggested
that i should make a couple of moves to check
what the fuck was going on and low and behold..

My sentence has been adjourned.


The concept that my jailhouse days were numbered
and that i may well be leaving this prison in the next
week or so..

Whether it be to serve some more time in another facility
or be handed into the custody of Immigration officials to
await deportation back to the Big Smoke..

The feeling was fucking surreal!!

Like was this shit REALLY happening?

Everyone seemed to be sure.

Apart from me..


All my friends kept talking about "When Tim dog leaves" and day
by day i was starting to get more and more optimistic and actually
BELIEVE that the prospect of me moving forward with my life was
actually coming to fruition and that my constant fight with these
people would finally be over..

Then Friday came..

I'm doing my best attempt to walk to the phone with a fake limp like I've
been shot or stabbed so i can call my friend Alex, who's Skype number is
crudely scrawled on a crumbly piece of paper that's screwed up into a ball
in my left palm..

Something told me i should call someone else
and make sure i am crystal clear on what the fuck
is happening this week as up until now i have been
kept completely in the dark..

Then i get the news.


My sentencing has been adjourned.


Without warning..


About a weeks worth of excitement, positive energy,
enthusiasm and excrement quickly trickled down my
Turkish frame.

Ever since then I've been treading water trying
to keep my head above ground and stop myself
from bugging the fuck out in here..

I mean i only really have myself to blame for getting this pissed off.

Albeit foolishly..

I have been imagining what might happen this week,
especially in the best case scenario that my judge sees fit
to grant me no further jail time and send me on my way into
immigration custody..

For example..

One of my people is coming to visit me at the jail this week.

An Instead of seeing me here..

I was imagining she might come see me in immigration..

Before your departure onto the plane home you can have a family
or friend drop off a bag of clothes for you at the Immigration prison.

You're being put on a commercial flight after all,
so to avoid any lames pranging the fuck out at the sight
of a hairy henched out jailbird they give you the opportunity
to change clothes before boarding your flight home.

I daydream about doing this all the time you know..

When they tell me it's time to take this shit off
and put on some real clothes..

To return back to the normal world..

An this week it felt like that dream just might have become
a reality and that i just might, in the following weeks, find myself sitting
in a chair on a plane, looking down at the disappearing tarmac, finally seeing
an end to all this ridiculousness and knowing it's all finished..

No more fighting..

It's done.

Time to start again..

Well that ain't happening now.

At least not in the timeframe i was hoping it to anyway!!

Me sitting around here brewing like shit isn't going to do
me any good either so it's time to get back on the horse
an just start grinding again.

I just have to get on with it..

My head has been in the streets way too much recently anyway,
making all kinds of plans and putting together ideas for a reality that
is still out of my grips for an unknown amount of time and instead of
contemplating how long that amount of time will be it seems like a better
idea to just shut the fuck up and get on with things again..

Distancing myself from things works well for me anyway,
it gives me the chance to re-evaluate my thoughts and what is
and what isn't working for me at the moment, when i take a step
back and take a breather everything starts to look black and white
and way easier to break down and deal with..

I get too attached to things.



Plans for the future..

Big Dog

It's the sluggish, early morning part of my weekly fast,
the coffee i had before lock in has me feeling anxious
and as always i don't know exactly what to do with myself.

Most people are asleep.

As far as i can tell anyway...

Ain't no one next door talking shit,
either side i can't hear nothing.

Opposite there ain't no light on..

Seems like everyone is sleeping.

I know for a fact my bunkie is
as he's snoring so fucking loud
the bed is shaking..

Everyone is sleeping.

Except me..

It's nice and quiet, i like it,
gives me a chance to let my mind settle,
no need to listen out for shouts that turn into fights,
i'm not listening to any of the bullshit that plays on the radio..

I'm just laying on my side staring out the window..

It's crazy to think how long i've been here..

I've seen the same street go through the seasons
year in and year out..

I've watched snow cover the road..

Leaves falling..

Rain washing the street..

I've seen all this shit so many times now,
i don't even pay it no mind anymore when i look outside,
the changes are pretty meaningless now..

I just want to know when it's going to be My time..

I want to know when it's my time to leave and come home..

If everything worked out in the best possible scenario for me,
which would be time served, i'm not going to be touching that street
outside anyway as after marrying we didn't apply for my citizenship..

I can expect to be whisked away within 72 hours by ICE Agents
to an immigration jail when i finish my time in Federal Custody to
await deportation.

I've heard that place is fucking terrible..

Everyone knows they're getting deported so
they don't give a fuck, people that have been through
there told be heads are whilin' out round the clock!!

It is actually possible for me to get bailed out
of that place.

I've been prosecuted for a non-violent crime involving
no drugs and from what i've been told the bail amount
wouldn't be over five grand..

It would certainly be nice to spend a little bit of time
in the city before coming home to London but i don't
think it is meant to be, first of all i don't know anyone
in the States who could bail me out and secondly,
by the time my Federal time is finished and my ass
is in the Immigration jail, most likely in Pennsylvania,
i'll be so close to coming home it won't even matter..

I'm not gonna lie though..

It would be nice to leave here on a not so sour note..

Sitting in front of me is a piece of paper full of
very scrappily written notes i've taken today.

Most of it are songs i've heard on the radio..

I have a sinking feeling that i've written all these
songs before..

Friday, 8 February 2013


Remember them shirts i was runnin' my jibs about..

They are now printed and available to purchase
from the band Last Witness through their webstore!!

A BIG thankyou to Theo and Sykes for putting this together
and also to anyone that picks up a t-shirt..

I appreciate your support!!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thanks Phil

In New York City it is snowing.

My window is pretty fogged up
but i can just about see through the top
and there's little pieces of snow flying through the air..

It looks real nice..

In front of me is a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The milk i got for breakfast is blatantly rank now
so i'm eating this shit dry two pieces at a time..

It's still pretty good.

On my right hand side dangerously perched
at the end of the bed is a cup of coffee too..

While i'm looking in that direction i just remembered,
Thankyou ever so much for the Christmas cards,
got them all wedged around the light above my desk
an they really make the cell look a lot more..


It looks better with them there.

So thankyou..

After squiding a tissue inbetween the bars i've managed to
clean the window a little and FUCK there's a lot of snow outside..

It's covered all of the pavement!!

Last time i was in the snow..


About a year ago me and my freind from Ghana was up
on the roof just after it had snowed. A thick layer of it
carpetted the roof and it was SO thick that i managed to
bust out a HUGE straight letter..

I walked in tiny penguin steps scuffing my feet on the floor,
then jumped each time i had to start a new letter and it came
out pretty decent to be fair!!

I had to buff it though..


My freind should be home in the next few weeks.

Which is the best news i've heard in a VERY long time..

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I do not watch American Football

Today I been going through all my mail.

I'm SUPPOSED to be getting sentenced this month..


If i end up getting sent to some jail West Bubbafuck i dun wanna
lug it all up there,

Even if things work out in the best case scenario and they time serve my ass,
passing me off into the hands of Ice Agents who will promptly throw me in an
immigration jail..

It's still best if i get this shit sent home.

So I'm trying to organize it all!!

Packing it all into big envelopes, taking notes of what's in what,
who sent what and where the fuck it all came from, there's all KINDS
of shit in here, letters from people when i first got locked up, postcards
from random places, books and magazines, photos from my friends showing
me what they're up to and little reminders of shit we got up to when i was out..

There's also a lot of letters from people i didn't know before getting banged up.

That shit was and is really cool as one of the worst things about being
in here is the lack of communication.

I love to meet new people and being in here kind of fucks that up to put it mildly,
so I've had to depend on individuals writing to me instead and it's hard enough getting
someone you've fucked with for years to get off their ass and put a letter in the mail,
motherfuckers I've never met before being cool enough to show me some love has
definitely been one of the nicest things I've experienced throughout all this crap.

Quite often i open the same letters up and read them again,
thinking about why an individual wrote to me or simply just to
remind myself of a certain period of my bid when i got the letter,
it gives me a kick in the ass when I'm feeling shitty as letters ain't
exactly the most used form of communication nowadays..

Someone has to go out of their way, go buy some stamps,
which really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things
but it's more the point of someone doing all that shit just to ask
how I'm doing, what I'm up to, if i have any news and most importantly
to share a little bit of their lives with me.

There wasn't ANY letter that i just opened..

Read the contents..

Wipe my shitty ass cheeks with..

An dashed in the trash.

No matter WHO the fuck sent it..

In this day and age people don't really write letters.

So when someone DID just go put some words on paper
and bung it in the mail for me i knew it was something that
was not an everyday occasion..

At least that's what I've told myself anyway..

To still feel relevant in people's lives was/is
a very important factor in keeping my head
above water in this dump.

At times it's easier to feel like you've been swallowed
up in a system so fucking vast and unfamiliar..

So at times when sucker-shit like that is on my mind..

I go back and read the letters you've sent me.

It helps bun that shit off.

So send me some more.



Monday, 4 February 2013

Lemme see his guns

This morning i got woke up at about five,
to the sites and smells of my bunkie puking
his guts out into the toilet..


It's never enjoyable watching someone you give
a fuck about wretching and coughing like that..

Especially when you can't help them.

I mean..

He has no hair to hold back and i know
that patting him on the back he'll just call me a bitch.


So all i can really do is offer vague
words of encouragement from the top bunk..

"try drinking some water"

"shut the fuck up"


I'm only trying to help..

"Maybe it was the soup? You did eat it pretty late?"

"My n****r.."




It's almost midnight now..

Spanish salsa is blasting out of my headphones..

"DAMN shorty!!"

"A n****r need a sledge-hammer for a dick fuckin' with THIS bitch.."


He's feeling a lot better now..

It was the first day of February today. Once the festive period is done and dusted
time moves very quickly in here. It's been like that every year I've been held in this
building. The build up to Christmas always sucks as for about three months straight
you gotta listen to all these bullshit adverts on the radio and see shit in magazines,
plus you know everyone is out there clowning going to parties, shows, all kinds of
decent shit happens in December especially around New Years but yeah like i said
once all that crap is done an dusted everything goes back to normal..

Everyone returns to work..

Parties are finished..

Shit gets back to normal..

Even in here..

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Thanks to a couple of my good freinds
i have a little run of t-shirts in the works..

They should be ready to go in the next week or so
and i'll keep you posted on what's happening.

Much love to Theo and Sykes for helping put all this together
and to anyone who wants to pick one up i would greatly
appreciate your support..

Friday, 1 February 2013

This is in no particular order

-Your vegetable lasagna

-Leroy's house party

-Nike Terminators for free

-Hanging out my ass in TacoKing

-Bumping into you when i worked in Natter jacks in Kingston

-The green liquor you gave me in Germany

-When i was piss drunk at the hospital after Holmes merked his hand

-West Croydon

-All you can drink Legends in Slutton

-Football in Jae's garden

-Bill getting clamped in central

-Bopping to Scunthorpe on the train

-My Columbian brothers warehouse in Hackney

-Drinking tea through straws

-Hiding under a car when you got nicked in Amsterdam

-Dashing that chair at my first Goober Patrol gig

-Danzo's warehouse in Hull

-Noob Saibot on Halloween

-Making welcome home signs

-Teddy bong

-Knuckledust at the Cartoon with Dave

-You screwing at me to 'stop Fred shitting' in the new yard

-Making people mad not paying for 12Bar gigs

-Hot dog bed

-Party at Worthless' yard

-Best sellers smashing the Caliber t-shirts

-Post bikes in Wallington

-You buying me a curry from Whole Foods

-Pound shop paint

-When we supported Arkangel at the Underworld

-The train journey back from Bulldoze

-You shitting by the each in Sutton

-The rack back getting racked

-"It stands for Kurdish Cafe?"

-Blue North Face that i didn't deserve in the slightest

-Giving you a tape of Six Foot Ditch and Special Move

-Sketching with Sudden in the Sheep

-Getting some draw from the Skatalites dude in that Amsterdam squat

-Merking the mixer at the Dome almost fucking up Mad ball

-Devotchkas BLATANTLY dashing out my shit

-You shitting by the barn

-Spitting crackers in the Goose

-You doing a nasty ass fart in that bar in Hells Kitchen

-Giving me that Wolverine shirt for my birthday

-Francis' old roof

-Turning up late on your birthday missing the BBQ

-Making sure me and that idiot had Christmas dinner

-Vegan thanksgiving charades

-Playing Sunset Riders before Christmas

-Diaria shit on St. Nicholas Centre roof then wiping your ass with KFC napkin

-Morgan's Spice at James' yard

-New Years party at Rock Bottom in Croydon

-When i was shotting pure bullshit

-Waiting for 157 after Gavin's on a come-down seeing pensioners going to church

-Finding my passport at a house party

-Looking ultra bate on the Subway wearing sunglasses

-When you made the effort to go meet Cindy

-Drinking out the trunk with MTA workers

-Seeing you wave while I'm at work

-Five Knuckle Shuffle shouting out "The Bee Six Crew" at the Garage

-You getting thrown out for doing a Beat down at the Locust show "THEY DON'T KNOW BEAT DOWNS!!"

-Seeing you wave from my window in jail

-Bunning with that dude from King Prawn

-Flossing the suit at Ninja fest

-Borrowing cd's from Shake Some Action

-That lady pissing herself at Holidays in the Sun after Laser quest

-Bate B6K mesh caps

-Playing a whole show still wearing my jacket

-Powers always falling asleep as soon as he gets to the yard

-All dayers at the Peel

-Getting busted looking for YOU after not paying at that club in Germany

-Adrian busting handbrake turns in his fucking LIVE motor

-Ellis getting surrounded by little kids with knives in Tufnell Park

-Pressing that button at the youth centre in Guildford

-Gigs at the Swan in Tottenham

-Getting covered in paint that's been mixed with piss

-Raw bacon sandwiches and cooking oil

-When we met Bill in Southampton for the weekend

-Ordering canoodles

-Yonda's birthday

-BARE fuck-ups on the Die My Demon split

-No one buying them North Star shirts

-I want that Wesley Willis hooded top back

-Getting busted in Roosters Chicken

-You puking on that old man's shoes on the tube in rush hour

-Getting raided in Purley

-You puking in that Kings College student bar

-The ultra bate apartment we viewed in Brooklyn with the blatant paedo owner

-Chipping my tooth getting blammed on my 19th

-Last Witness boys giving me a lift to the airport before Pressure fest

-My minibass

-The party you threw me for my birthday

-Bare mould in the apartment

-Getting the train to New Rochelle on a Friday night

-Googling how to cook pasta

-Bun Dem Out t-shirts for my birthday

-Jurassic Park Remix

-Lipton ice tea on the dancefloor

-Walking in the park by your dads yard mad late

-Croydon Tram Line

-Hearing your accent over the jailhouse phone

-Bumping into Vx piss drunk by Reeves Corner

-Dad going sick coming home from work when we was watching 'The Donal Dick'

-Joey's pizza

-Bills bag of pennies exploding on the way to Asda

-You putting my tea on the windowsill to cool down

-Merking the Boucing Souls dude at Tekken in Sheffield

-Pressing reset after completing Street Fighter with Cammy

-Murat going sick on that Saturday morning

-Blankson catching them t-shirts

-Sundays with Simon in the yard

-You trying to cook me some chicken with the George Forman

-Spewing chunks off the bunkbed after Zeke

-NO GUNS in Center Parks


-Captain Commando in Turkey

-You talking to me on the phone when i was lost in Maspeth

-Me being an asshole