Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I have mentioned before, there are many different types of criminal in this 'fine' facility,
and everyone has their own place.
 If you are unsure where your place is, and decide to stray from your 'lane', someone will 'point'
you in the right direction pretty fucking quickly..
 Despite the 'Timdog/T-murder' persona, tattoos, very large beard and ever increasing muscle mass,
i know my place.
 Young, English, first time offender, clearly more of a lover than a fighter...i know my place in the prison hierachy..
But despite all this, i seem to have been embraced by all of the 'killers and gorillas'. Great.
 I'm always honest, catch jokes, and don't kiss anyones ass..Because of this, i have been embraced
by all the murderers and cuthroats in the unit. Lucky me eh!
 Even though i am liked by everyone in this 'real n****rs' fraternity,
I am fooling no one.
 The best way i could put it, is i'm down with these guys, but i'm not 'down' get me?
Me, Sha and M, sha's business partner, are sitting down eating chow, and there is a new guy on our tier..He is huge. Butterbean huge. And he's sizing up Sha...
 He's clearly a 'killer and gorilla', no doubt.
M calls him over, and introduces him to Sha, then looks at me, looks back at 'big' and just says nothing..
Doesn't even bother introducing me.
The look M gives me just says 'what's the point'..
 I don't take offence, just keep my head down, an finish my meal..
 I was going to introduce myself..
But sometimes you just need to shut the fuck up and stay in your lane.. A clever chimpanzee knows his place when surrounded by silverbacks in the 'terrordome'.

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