Monday, 24 January 2011

Dwayne Johnson

We are all sitting around the poker table,
as usual, it is a hotbed of intelligent, political, social, economical conversations..
 After all, i am jamming with the eloite of society, and it's riveting stuff i can tell you..

"Hey mang, do you got the rock?"
"A Dwayne Johnson mang, it make your chick explooode!"

 My Puerto rican freind goes on to explain that having 'the rock' is a prison piercing
in your dick, to make your dick 'permanenty bigger', and they fix a piece of shaved down
domino to the end of your cock, to rub on the lucky lucky girls clit..hence the 'explooode'..

 Firstly, i am in jail.
Unless operation 'nob the Irish guard' comes to fruition, or i am bailed out,
these Turkish nuts ain't gonna be waist deep in pussy for a hot minute.
Of ALL the places for one to get his penis pierced, i can't think of many
a worse place than here. I mean for fuck sake, the 'surgeons' name is 'Banana'..

 They explain...
Apparently this 'ritual' is usually watched by anywhere upto ten dudes, was performed
in MY fucking cell of ALL places, and the laundry guy was the 'spotter'...
 For the small price of 200 dollars, this small dude will lovingly hold your joint while
a big burly man named Banana pierces the end of your penis with a disposable razor..
 To be honest, B summed up this whole nasty process pretty well...
"N****rs shavin' down a domino then throwin it in a n****rs joint...FUCK that,
i don't trust NONE of these nasty n****rs.."

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