Thursday, 27 January 2011

Back to Brooklyn

Before i 'moved' to Manhatton, i live in Brooklyn.
 Now, i reside on B is known as 'Brooklyn' in here..and it's live.

 Anywhere you go in 9North, you can hear my tier.
Whether it's people screaming at the top of their lungs
..or the sound of a door slamming, silence, then lots of crashing around, with
the occasional "yeh motherfucker!", that usually signifies two chaps duking out their
differences, the spot is ALWAYS poppin'...

 A lot of people are actually too prang to go down to my tier..
They see me as someone who is 'down', so ask me to make transactions in their favour..
 As they put it "c'mon man, you got the hook-up with the brothers!"..

..It gives me some extra currency making these business deals for other people,
and eliminates the very real threat of them either being short changed, or straight up
robbed of whatever goods they had come to barter/exchange with..

 The main currency people use in jail, is packs of tuna and mackarel.
It is used to gamble with, swap for other items or to pay people for
all kinds of services (NOT those kind of services you tramp)..
 For example..
people send loved ones cards, and will pay you to design them something,
whether it's lettering, characters, whatever..In the last week i made two birthday
cards, three tunas a pop!
 One was for a little girl named Hennessy (me no lie) and for someone's girlfreind
named Tameka..The first consisted of tattoo style script lettering, the second some
basic graffiti block letters with a few hearts and stars thrown in for good measure..
..easy peasy!

 I mean, i spend most my time sketching, i may as well make some 'money' out of it right?
Plus, its three tunas for a 'germ' or a rock of crack, man's dun wanna get in debt you get me ;)
..Anyhow..i'm sick of people asking "Yo why do you always draw the same name"
EVERY fucking day of the week..

 Nicknames in here come and go..Every person has a different name for you. Mostly non offencive mind..

(just so you know i don't take offence at being called a cracker or a white devil)

 All the Jamaicans in here call me 'Timdag', or simply 'England', which is usually followed by..
"My yout Timdag, BIG tingz a gwan wid dis boi!"

 This dude on my tier B has taken to calling me 'Mickey Blue Eyes'.
I'm not sure if i actually have blue eyes, somedays they are green, others they are gray..who cares.
 Either way it's a pretty funny nickname..he calls me that, or 'little Sha'..he came in our room at around
8am this morning, proclaiming "It smells of Turkish balls and N****r nuts in here" which was probably true..

 Most of the time i work out on my tier.
It's easier that way. Plus, i don't have to be on point the whole time, worrying about whether one of the
many gang members in the unit are going to try some shit while i am out of breath or happens
pretty often to people. It doesn't matter how much backup you have, when you are isolated or on your own,
they try to fuck with you..
..The empty metal tipped pen i have stashed in my waistband (no boofing for me thankyou!) is all the security
that i need at the moment..
My workout regime consists of around 300 pushups, 250 situps, planks and squats. B usually finds it very amusing that i work out everyday..People try to take the piss out of me when i'm working out, usually because they know i'm getting bigger and they are just fetting fatter, but it doesn't phase me..Plus B usually says some shit back to them in my favour..
 For example, today he had this to say..
"Damn Mickey, you's gonna be KILLING the pussy when you get out..SHIT..This Turkish n****r gonna
be back here on a murder charge!"


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