Monday, 3 January 2011

you ask him

"You ask him. If i ask him, and i know he's got it, im'a rob him"

After the prank that was pulled on my yesterday, Sha tells me about some other prankeries that he's pulled
over the years..
 Google him. Eric Manson, bank robber. he is a notorious bank robber..
One day he was with his mother in town, asked her to park next to the bank while he cashes a cheque..
He genuinely goes into the bank to cash a cheque, then remembers he has a stocking mask in his pocket..
So he leaves the bank, puts the stocking mask on and runs into her car shouting "DRIVE MA DRIVE!"
 She screams, starts speeding away, an after two blocks he starts laughing an lets her know hes only joking..
she pulls over the car, lights a cigarette an slaps him lol
 When he was younger he would play the 'perfume game'. This would involve sticking a finger up his butt, going upto one of his siblings and saying "hey ma has this new perfume, wanna smell it?" then putting the finger in front of their nose til they scream/gag/puke..
 Another memorable prank was his brother was sleeping face down, with no tshirt on..So Sha took a shit on his back while he was sleeping lol

Some quotes from stupid conversations...
 We are having a discussion about aliens and extra terrerstrial intelligence...
"E.T  is as real as a motherfucker, Predators, everything! Predators been blowin' up n****rs, real talk"
 I tell Sha about how i don't like getting on boats, he shares the same feeling..
"a n****r shouldn't get on a boat, no way, that's the last place a n****r should be,
 n****r, ain't you learnt your lesson?"

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  1. Yes Tim! its Ladder (piz's mate) hope your keeping well in there. Just wanted to say that this is some of the most inspiring shit i've ever read! to be holding your head up and catching joke while dealing with this fuckries is definitely something else.
    stay positive and keep the entries coming!