Thursday, 6 January 2011

Next Yards

Being in here, there are a lot of different people you meet..people get extradited from all over the world to this prison, if they comitted a crime that has ANYTHING to do with the United Snakes, they go to the countries they are in, and extradite them here. If that fails, they kidnap them. Really.
 With all these different people, you get to hear about different prisons around the world..some better..some worse..some are just off the fucking chain.

 Sha introduced me to a gentleman who was a General in the Honduras army. In the prison he was sent to, just like more or less EVERY other prison in the world, money equals power. Real power.
 For example, we looked through some of his photos from the of him in his cell, holding his GLOCK 9mm pistol. Not only that, but he was allowed to have his DOG stay in his the weekends, your wife can stay too! Live!
 You might think it's a bit far fetched to hear of an inmate having a gun in jail, but he explained to us that many of the inmates in the jail also had bought AK47s!? For protection!?
 "You got dough, N****r be eating Shrimp scampy an all kinds of shit!"
 I'd heard a story from Sha about inmates in NEW YORK having guns in jail..a common practice is getting a gun smuggled into the jail, and then getting someone to shoot you..then sue the jail. For jokes..Well, it's pretty jokes to be honest..

 You can tell who has power and who doesn't in jail.
If you see someone getting a pedicure and their toenails clipped, they've got some serious P's. An there is a lot of guys in here with serious money...500million serious money..

 Sha has been in a lot of jails. a LOT of jails. He tells me stories on the regs, of jokes he's had, and also extremely shit your pants with explosive diahrea situations..
 Compared to most he's been in, this place is a holiday camp. Or a mental asylum, depending which way you look at it.
After we get locked in, people usually calm down an go to sleep pretty other jails, Sha says that people
"shout and scream like apes til 2-3am"

 He likes to refer to himself, and people on his level, as 'killers and gorillas'. When in a federal penitentiery, most people are of this calibre. And it is a very different state of affairs...
 Sleeping with one eye open is common practice. Sha has told me that he has had to do this in MANY jails, for his own protection..every night, bar none...because someones always trying to 'get' you..
 To combat this..
Tying soda cans to your door for an alarm..
"Baracade the door incase n****rs try to get me in the morning"
"For the 'jumping n****rs' i got a trick for them too..hook up soda cans to a tripwire, turn that shit into a motherfuckin' laserbeam, catch all these wiley n****rs..N****rs like me got all the booby traps kid"

 Sha says he can do time in any jail on the planet, he would easily adapt..
"I could do time on the fucking moon, i'd wipe my ass on an asteroid"

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