Monday, 31 January 2011

Female Company

..I have had some female company..
..I didn't expect to see this girl in a long time..

 We have had a rollercoaster of a relationship since my early teens, when i first was
introduced to her by my brother in Brighton, England, at a Capdown show at the early
age of 13..ever since then she's been in and out of my life ever since.

..It has by no means been a healthy courtship..At times, it ground my life to a halt. It
stopped me from following my dreams, realising what is important to me, and ultimately had a big
helping hand in leading to me getting in this skiddy pants jail. I don't have any hard feelings towards her though,
as we are all responsible for our own actions..

..Never the less, her visit was more than welcome, and something that i will probably never forget,
considering the circumstances, scenario and setting..
 I don't think i will be continuing the relationship any further though,
we all grow up at some point, and i think it's time we split for good.
..But i must say, for a last visit, we definitely went out with a bang :D

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