Tuesday, 18 January 2011


..So a few amusing things happened today.

 Remember me mentioning when i first got moved into this unit from solitary confinement, that i was staying in a cell, then 'asked' to move by a fucking hench member of the Gambino crime family? Well, i'm reading the newspaper today, and i see an interesting article...

..The article talks about a 'mob' lawyer, who was stopped by federal (fucking dickheads) agents on his way to go and see one of his clients in, suprise suprise, the Metropolitan Correctional Facility..When they searched him, he was found with two ounces of Cannabis in his bag, rolled up in small balloons..:D
 It turns out that he told the authorities that he had LENT HIS BAG TO HIS BROTHER, and that he had no knowledge that they were in there. The cops decided not to press charges. Can you spell corruption?

..Anyhow, i mention this story to Sha.
"Yeh. That's my partner Tommy, the guy who kicked you out of Ox's cell"
 Small world!

 Earlier today, i went on a nice trip down to the third floor, which is the attorney conference floor. You go there whenever you are meeting up with you attorney/fuckingcocksuckersuckingthecoporatecock/lawyer, whenever they need to lie to you or waste a few hours talking bollocks while they get paid (around 200 dollars an hour i might add).
 As i walk out the lift (NOT elevator) i see a grey haired greasy dude that for some reason looks extremely familiar..
Anyone who knows about Deathrow Records, might have heard of David Kenner. He's the attorney that help set up the record company, and who represente Suge Knight, and Harry O.
 Althought this was interesting and certainly made my day more than the usual brain crumblingly boring monotomous never ending bullshit, it did kind of leave me with a sickly feeling of
 'you're really up the fucking creek now'...
Not cool.

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