Tuesday, 18 January 2011

is this blog real?

is this blog real? yes? do i have access to the internet ? no - none. i have never seen my blog, i have no access to facebook, youtube, hotmail NOTHING. i send my blogs via corrlinks.com (the only thing i have access to) and my friend runs all of this for me. Questions?



  1. I haven't read over the entire blog yet, but why haven't you stated your charges? You say you got bagged by secret service agents several times, so you either were using that as a general term for all feds or you got caught in some sort of fraud treasury shit. You are in a fed facility, so you aren't in trouble for dance n graff or weed. You have a public offender, are writing in depth about your experiences on a public forum, and can't afford bail, so you are obviously not on the management side. You are probably aware saying what you are accused of is not an omission of guilt.... So, that means this blog is bullshit, or you got nabbed doing some devious embarrassing shit. Care to expound?

  2. If i got nabbed doing some 'embarassing shit', i wouldnt be writing this. this blog is a diary of my prison life. Not my crime and if you had half a brain, you would realise that if you're awaiting trial you don't talk about your case.
    so no i dont care to expand. if you think this is bullshit dont bother to read it.

  3. hi, my english is realy bad i'm from a french country. i read most of your blog, i realy enjoy it. How is the access by the internet? do you have a dedicated local for computers? i heard it was a very high privilege having acces to a computer. Keep having a good mood and have courage. paix

  4. If this is all email correspondence like they said on 12oz, and you only get a brief Internet period per day with a line of dudes waiting on you, how did you respond in 12 hours by midday east coast time? You have already wrote a lot of details about your case, writing what you are accused of is no more risky than that, or starting off your possible 15 year bid as a dry snitch for that matter. I also have a hard time believing that someone facing a big stint as a result of a secret service case wouldn't have the means to fight the case or jet.

  5. No.1 he has access to corrlinks.com not the internet - and he has access to this from 11am-10pm.
    No.2your a mug for continuing to read this if your convinced its bull, and cleary have no life if your hell bent on trying to prove this is bulshi
    No.3 this is a blog about prison life, not the crime commited so however much you beg, the crime is not going to be spoken about in detail.
    No.4 what makes you think he has snitched?
    No.5 bail is at $100,000 a private attorney in the US? probably around $25,000.