Tuesday, 11 January 2011


"Damn..look at this fine redhead bitch..what a fucking whore"
Sha is reading the newspaper..

 I, on the otherhand, am lucky enough to be reading some mail i got today! :D

I can't put into words how much it means when someone takes the time out of their
day to write to me. I didn't write a letter for...well, fuck, about 15 years before coming in
this fucking shithole, but now i write them pretty regularly and it's actually pretty fun..there
is something personal that goes into a letter..
 I still have not seen anyone i know in almost four months..It's like my life never existed before
being in here, almost asif it was a dream. The closest thing i've got to seeing someone i know/getting
some kind of comfort was seeing my dad outside in the street, from my cell window..
 If you're going to write to me, feel free to include pictures of me, you, us or anything from shitcity.com..:D
(can u put the video for scatman john-scatmans world)

 On a serious note, if you are going to send me pictures make sure u write on the front of the letter how many
are included..as for some insanely spasticated reason, these cum snorters will send them back if u don't. Safe.

 I want to say a big thankyou to Gabrielle, Drongo, Francis, Sykes and Polly, Hoovie, Meredith, Lynne, Mc Nintendo, Cynthia, Uncle Tim, Lottie and all those who have sent me books! Thankyou to whoever sent me the Broken Windows and Graffiti Sketchbook, they wripped open the packaging so i never found out who sent it..safe still!
 Each time i recieved one of your letters, it made me smile. Just like this :D

 If i have not replied yet, either you didn't put your adress on the letter, or i'm out of stamps..
Hopefully my reply will make you smile too!
 And if you're really lucky, it might make your rectum prolapse..

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