Monday, 17 January 2011

no ones smilin

You hear various stories of drugs in jail,
which probably will come of no suprise to you.
 There are a lot of people in here for smalltime billy no bollocks bullshit, crack dealing, weed shotting,
even selling COUNTERFIT drugs..

 Most people i know have, at some point in their life, sold or taken a variety of different substances.
An ounce, an eith, a gram, a bar, quartre, nothing too extravagant.

 I've met some very different people in here. Certainly a different calibre of shotters.

We have a mexican who speaks absolutely no English, looks completely harmless..who was shot at and
arrested by the US Coast Guard, who found two tons of coccaine on his boat.

 We have a gentleman from upstairs from Columbia (suprise suprise) who has amassed a fortune of AT LEAST
500 million dollars, with an alleged distribution network that supplies Miami with at least 5 tons of coccaine a year.

 ..Stop drooling..Being as rikers is described as 'gladiator school', the guards are more or less forced to have
a lot less serious approach on drug use...

 "Manson (sha), are you smoking crack?"
 "Yeah. Come in or close the fucking door."
          "This N****rs buggin'..."

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