Friday, 31 December 2010


Because of the snow,
none of the dick sneeze guards have turned up to work. Nice one for that, that basically means
we have to spend the whole day locked down, only being let out for food..
 We have one guard on patrol, and i ask Sha why he won't let us out..
"You crazy? These motherfuckers ain't gonna let 96 N****rs run wild"
Fair play.
 The rest of the day is spent having completely pointless retarded conversations,
they help pass the time..and most of the time are fucking hilarious.
 Swizzy tells us about these two dudes in the 70's that tried to escape from this jail..
Apparently they tied 20 bed sheets together and absailed out the window..the first one made it
to the ground floor, and was holding the 'rope' for the second guy. He fell, killed the first guy
and broke his neck. Then they were shot by the US Marshals.
 Nevermind eh.
 Swain says he has a better idea..
"I aint no bozo n****r, im'a get me 40Gs, then go to Mexico..Drive my car off the bridge at the border,
backpack full of cash, swim downstream. N****r." As you do..
 "Get me one of them bad little spanish bitches and chill"
Sha interupts
"Who this n****r think he is, McGuyver?"
Yes. yes he does. Swain ain't playin.

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