Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The night train

Every Tuesday/Wednesdfay morning, on WKCR New York, 89.9fm,
there is a set played called The Night Train.

 I look forward to it all week.
It's soul and funk, some seriously good music for the early hours..
 If you look up the radio station online, you should be able to download/listen
to the set..

 I seriously recommend you do.
And know that wherever you are in the world, whatever you're upto,
i'm listening to it in this shithole too..

 At this very moment i'm having trouble enjoying it..they have the
heating on like crazy at the moment.

 You CAN'T sleep/it's not advisable to sleep in your draws/boxers.
I found out the hard way. No pun intended.

..It's ten AM, time for the stand up count.
You have to get up out of bed, turn the lights on, and stand while they count
everyone in the unit to make sure no one has tried to escape.

 Sha hits the lights..
 "it's count, kid"
..In my medication induced coma, i quickly jump off the bunk and stand up..

 The guard just laughs and shouts "DUDE!"...
Sha is laughing his ass i stand there half awake with a steaming boner..

 Luckily for me, the guard laughed it off..but if it was a female guard, mans woulda
been on a one way ticket to the box..quicker than you can say
 'sustained erection'

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