Sunday, 16 January 2011

Some things you just can't make up...

 Sha was doing some time at a prison in Oklahoma. There was a bit Muslim population in the jail, and more prominently, they had a big chapter of The Nation of Islam..Very serious/militant dudes. Take their religion very seriously..
..Im sure you've heard of them..

One of these guys got into a big fight and was sent to the Box/solitary..apparently he was arguing with a C.O and told him to fuck off or something along those lines, so off he went to Boxville Tennessee..
 When you get sent to the box, your partners/freinds/enemies will usually pack your belongings up for you, and keep them for when you return.
 This guys cellmate is packing up his belongings, and something falls onto the floor....a home made dildo.
Sha said the description this guy gave was "The man was a genius..this motherfucker had veins, balls, everything. The nasty n****r must've made it in arts n crafts or some shit" ..

 The news spread through the jail like wildfire.
Eventually, the dude found out..word was that if he came out of the hole, they were going to kill him. Safe to say he stayed in the whole..
 ..and was forever known as 'dildo X'..

"sick n****rs man"

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