Sunday, 9 January 2011


'Shit' comes into the jail a few different ways.
Whether it's through 'elevators', crude pulley systems lining the air vent shafts,
or though visits.

 ..And that is done one of two ways..
The first is 'balloons', that are swallowed, then barfed up after the visit..

The second, much more glamorous way, is 'boofing' it.
 What is boofing, i bet you're wondering..

Why, sticking it up your ass of course!

 "Boofing..hmm..i ain't no fan of that shit"" Sha explains
"N****rs be treating their assholes like a gymbag"
 Given the choice, most people opt for the balloon technique.
..Apart from 'some freak n****rs'
"Timdog, no bullshit, i know n****rs who be boofing onions (ounces)"

 As you can imagine, it's a mneas to an end, not exactly frowned upon,
but not an enjoyable prospect..for most..but everyone has their price..
"I ain't down for that..but if a n****r got the motherload? That shit's comin back"

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