Tuesday, 1 February 2011

bore man up

 In jail things ain't pretty.
There are many ways for a guy to get fucked up, killed, horrendously disfigured, crippled, mamed etc..
 I asked a few different inmates some of the ways that these acts can be delivered..

Stabbings. Mostly done with DIY knives, which can be made from ALL KINDS of materials, from toothpaste tubes, to plastic spoons, anything that can be melt, twisted, and morphed into a sharp T1000 esque knife, or stabbing weapon..

Throwing boiling water. This is more common than you might think..all it takes is a microwave, and a disagreement. There are unlimited possibilites when it comes to what liquid you choose to throw on your 'opponent', whether it's a drink, piss,
or even human excrement, boiled to volcanic temperatures..

 I ask Sha for some examples, he simply answers
"Man, dudes just fucking kill you with their bare hands. Simple!"

Poison-this doesn't nessecerily have to be done to kill someone, inmates regularly poison each other,
just for laughs. This can include anything from pissing in someones drink, to baking (in the microwave)
someone a cake for their birthday, that is made from 99 per cent laxatives :D
..But also it isn't too uncommon for people to someone's heroin with rat poison.

Death by falling-On the higher tiers, and mostly in actual prison compounds, if you want to
take out an adversary, simply throw them off a balcony. Simple, effective.

Dumbell-One of the more obvious weapons..we don't have dumbells here for that very reason,
because of the ludicrously high chance of death that occours when you hit someone in the head
with a weight. Another weapon which is confined to the prison compound/yard..

"a N****r stick a pen in your eye, you're fucked up man"

Blinding people-Say someone picks a fight with you, and they're clearly bigger and
stronger than you..so, either lose face and get shit beat down your leg, or give yourself a helping
hand by throwing salt of piss in their eyes before battle commences!

Needles-There is a makeshift 'hospital' ward in the prison. This has good points and bad points.
One of the good points, possibilities to steal supplies for whatever project one is concocting.
One of the bad points, possibilities for people to steal supplies like needles to stab you with,
even with the intent of breaking the needle off in your arm/face/leg/groin.

"they used to sell baby oil but n****rs were setting people on fire"

 I had the misfortune of seeing, while researching this post, many prison scars.
I think i mentioned before that, in here, i have seen the most horrendous scars and disfigurements to date,
and this seems to constantly being upgraded every time we get new inmates shipped in...

Dirty razors-I saw an inmate who had some absolutely sick scars from a knife attack he endured upstate..he was stabbed
multiple times with a 'dirty razor'. Inmates will soak a razor in bleach, or vinegar, for months at a time..even burying razors outside in the dirt for anything up to half a year, to make sure it is completely infected. Then after stabbing an individual with such a razor, it produces a 'keloid' (check spelling) which basically makes the flesh around the wound bubble up through the open hole..seriously gruesome!

Dog bites-I know this isn't really a prison related wound, but i had to put this in.
 One of Shas associates was bitten by a security dog a few years ago, and the mutt wripped out (and ate) his shin..With no decent insurance, he went to a dodgy surgeon to get his leg repaired/saved..and the surgeon decided the best route was to take out his calf muscle and replace his shin with it...it looks awesome.

 After all this violent talk, i go relax and make myself a cup of tea. How quintessentially Brittish :D
Complete with biscuits too..i'm chilling, not thinking about violence or bloodshed, and i overhear from
outside my cell..


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