Thursday, 30 December 2010

''working out''

 I am a man. A turkish man. I have needs.
There are things that i love doing in life.
 Call it intimacy, fucking, making love, bumping uglies, whatever you like..
 For now this is a need i am not going to get.
 There is no porn in federal jail, only 'hip hop model' magazines, which are full of
crude photos of women with biblically large asses.
 It's certainly no secret when someone is jerking off..You will see someone walk in their
cell holding a copy of 'smooth' or 'jizz', they cover the window of their cell for a few minutes,
then return red face and sometimes even wiping the magazine off. Nice.
 Today, Swizzy has been kind enough to lend me a copy of 'dimepiece' magazine.
As he hands it to me, Big Mick strolls past the door..
"DAMN, Timdogs got himself a date"
 Laughter erupts.
"They ain't got big chocolate asses like that in London, don't hurt yourself kid"