Sunday, 19 December 2010


When i write shit on this blog, not a lot of thought has gone into it. At all. It's either me sitting in front of a computer, with a shitload of angry yanks waiting behind me (wait your turn you fucking nobs i don't care if you see me typing this), typing away at a billion miles an hour, just writing whatever comes into my head..
 Or i am in a situation which is funny/interesting/you will laugh at, and i decide to jot some shit down on whatever is near me. This is the latter.

 It's a Saturday Afternoon.
How do you spend most your saturday afternoons? Hungover? Chilling?
Whatever it may be, i hope it's healthy, constructive, and you have clean air.
 I on the other hand, am in a very different kettle of fish so to speak. What do you mean? well..
I am sitting in an almost pitch black room while a 260 pound notorious bank robber is taking a 'New York Shit' about less than a metre away from me. It stinks like the pits of hell, fart vapours have clouded the room, and i can hardly breath. I'm sitting next to the window, with my face almost pressed up against the glass trying to get some kind of fresh air..
This is the life :D

 At the very least, after shitfest 2010, there is some kind of relief.
I've spent most of my adult life smoking weed. This is not a good thing. I'm not proud of it, i wish i wouldn't have, but it happened so that's that. I always smoked zoots..rizla, khali, tobacco, roach (for those who are complete retards)
 I never smoked cigarettes/tobacco on its own. Ever. I always deemed it completely pointless...why smoke a cigarette when you can bun a zoot down?
 For now, there is no zoots to bun down (there was, but people got shift cos of informer pussyclats) so mans had to make do with whatever is available. Of all the places to start smoking, a New York City Federal prison..Amazing.
 For now, i'm feeling a little relaxed. My brain has been extremely exhausted from worrying the past few days, it's felt like all my thoughts have been placed in a washing machine and just constantly spinning from the moment i wake til i go to sleep..Especially as i've stopped taking the bonerific medication.
 Sha is an extremely good cellmate. Literally couldn't have asked for anyone better. Not only is he fucking huge, and one of if not THE most respected inmate in the unite, but he is a good person who is helping to look out for me. If i do something wrong, he keeps me in check. If there is some kind of important information i need to know, he lets me know. We have a lot of people passing through the cell. Most of them established Mobsters (made men) or gang bangers, mostly of very high rank.
 So later in the day Sga sees the B6K i have on my hand. He says he never knew i was a banger (gang banger), to which i reply
"it's not it's a graffiti crew from England"
remember how i said that the head of the New York chapter of the Bloods was in our unit? Well..Sha informs me that 6 is the number that the Crips use, and that BK stands for Blood Killer. SO..B6K is going to be seen as a Crip gang..
 The head of the Bloods is usually in our cell, and most of the other Bloods in the unit also are freinds with Sha.
Thanks for the heads up...
Welcome to Shittypantsville Tennesse

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