Sunday, 19 December 2010

Funday Friday

The weekends in here suck croatian donkey dick with dijon mustard.
On Fridays they usually play a movie on a few of the Tv's. They have about four plasma screens that are constantly on most of the day. Not quite as good as it sounds though...people mostly watch things like Jerry Springer, the Maury Show, or cop shows like CSI and the like..this completely fucking baffles me, you're sitting in federal prison and you are CHOOSING to watch a tv show about the police running around arresting people? Morons.
 I havn't actually sat down and properly watched tv in almost two years now. Since moving to the states, i completely lost interest in watching the box, there is always something more productive you can be doing that watching something just for the sake of it..go draw something, go for a run, whatever..If i ever wanted to watch a tv show i'd just download it, moves n all. Fuck Tv.
 (i'm not gonna lie, Total Recall was on last night. I watched it.)
 Even if you try to watch tv in here, you will most likely end up getting into a fight or argument. People walk around with the tv remotes in their pockets. People who are not watching tv. They will just spend the day walking around doing whatever the fuck they're doing, not letting anyone change the channel. Safe for that one.
 Or, you will be watching a documentary of a movie or something that is interesting, and someone will just come along and change the channel onto something else, then walk away from the tv. Might sound like not much of a big deal, but it's infuriatingly annoying..the prick might as well have just come upto you an farted in your face. Safe.
 So, it's a Friday. Oooh what could i get upto tonight, oh the posibilities..
First off, food time. I wanna make some wraps. They usually consist of tuna, some noodles, cheese, salami cut up, and other assorted bullshit thrown into the mix..But my cooking partner T, is off at Jewish services.
 Church here is not used as a place of worship. It's used as fuckries central.
People from all floors can sign up for church, so if you want to go see one of your buddies or just go drink some wine, sign up for church! I don't go anymore, i just found it annoying having people just loudly laughing and joking, even telling the pastor to shut the fuck up..Man dem taking pure libertys..

 I'm not feeling very well at the moment. I have a sore throat, runny nose, and my head feels like i have a wet towel wrapped around my head...which as i don't have a tracking device shoved up my nose, is not a good thing. There is fuck all to do, everyone is being uber loud playing cards outside my cell, so i decide to take a disco nap.
 Taking a nap in the day consists of sleeping with a pen or sharp instrument in your hand as standard. Happy times!
It takes me a while to get to sleep, all i can hear is everyone shouting outside the room...all they do is fucking play spades all day long, accuse each other of cheating (they all are cheating), and then hurling the same insults at each other just in different accents..
and so on..
 Finally manage to get some kip, wake up an hour later just as T is getting back..Feel like absolute shit, i've been drinking hot cups of tea all day to try an sort my throat out, but it ain't doing shit other than making me piss like a shit stained old man with a leaking colostomy bag.
 T is getting pissed because i'm not helping to make the food, but i'm finding it very hard getting out of bed. There is some jazz playing on the radio, and for the first time in a while, i'm actually feeling pretty relaxed. I have been feeling extremely worn out recently, my brain is constantly circling the same subjects again and again, never getting any kind of new conclusions or's fucking exhausting! People keep commenting on me like
"Yo Timdog you ok? You look like you wanna stab a motherfucker.."
perhaps a good night's sleep and some crude munch will do the trick..

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