Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Flood

Things in MCC are definitely a lot more relaxed compared to some of the other jails i have heard stories about..after all, this is a pre-trial facility. Not to say that is doesn't has its fair share of shankings, beatings and what not..
 But still, things could always be worse!
 One evening over a cup of coffee, Sha tells me about a facility called El Rino.
El Rino is in Oklahoma. When i asked Sha what there worst facility he has been to was, without hesitation, he said El Rino.
 The description i got of this place, is it is a HUGE holding facility, holding about 800 inmates. Imagine a warehouse that has been converted into one big dormatory. Most of the windows are either smashed, or completely punched through. There are Rats in most of the cells, and not only rats, but pidgeons in the main room. Sha recalled waking up to pidgeon shit not only on his bed, but his forehead. He said most people, once they had caught a pidgeon, would pull it's head off. Sounds grim, but that ain't the worst thing he said was going down..
 Apparently there were a few cats in this facility. They had apparently climbed in through the broken windows, or through the roof that had many holes in it. Bad move.
 The description of the cat Sha gave, was that he would walk around really slowly limping, and his asshole 'was hanging out and was as big as a coke can'. Whatever do you mean?
 He explained.
One morning he heard a cat 'screaming bloody murder' but didn't know what was going on. Later that day, he found out through a fellow inmate that people had been taking it in turns bumming the cat, hence it's saggy asshole. Great stuff.
 Not just cats got the presidential treatment..It was seen as a badge of honour if you managed to catch one of the rats. Not just because of their size, but if they bit you, you were fucked as most had all kinds of diseases..But the people that had caught them, would put them on leashes in their rooms..shoe laces, whatever was at hand..until the rat just chewed through the lace/it's own leg, and then they would "bash the n*****s head in" if it tried to escape. nice.
 A story which Sha seemed to have a lot of pride talking about, was a flooding that happened in Pennsylvania. He has always spoke about how the inmates here are 'as soft as shit' and have no loyalty, were as in other facilities if something happens to one of the inmates, all of them will unite and revolt. Live.
 On this occasion, Sha was in the hole/solitary for fighting...and one of his partners (who is now here) came to the cell and told him "get your sail boat, we're flooding this motherfucker"
"i don't know, everyone is doing it"
 Without anymore persuasion, Sha got ready to flood. Plugged up the toilet, plugged up the sinks, turned taps on, constantly flushed toilet.
 "timdog, these motherfuckers HATE it when you flood this bitch"
I can imagine. They get mostly inmates to do the upkeep of the prison. Cleaning, giving people new bedding and toilet paper to wipe your shitty behind, things like that. But when the inmates kick off, the staff have to do everything.
 "dude, it was beautiful..we did it the day before inspection..it was like Niagra Falls up in that motherfucker"
"fuck them crackers"

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  1. hey,
    You don't know me(though I think we met time ago in Croydon, we know some of the same people). I'm married to Matt Byrne. Just wanted to let you know I love your style of writing. Your going through some shit, (you don't need me to tell you that) I hope to see a book and film deal when your out!
    I always found writing a good way of processing thoughts, I hope its helping you as well as being of interest to us.
    Anyway you prob don't wanna waste your computer time reading random shit from some girl you don't know. Gonna write you a letter, might pass some time for you. Or you can use the back of it to draw on :)
    Take it easy
    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
    Winston Churchill