Wednesday, 29 December 2010

bottom of the gene pool

Everyday that goes past, you notice new shit in here. Things you were not aware of. You come to many conclusions on life, especially were you want to go and who you want to be surrounded by.
 Right now, i am swimming in the bottom of the gene pool.
The majority of people in here are beyond stupid. Most look seriously retarded, like they were repeatedly dropped on their face as a child. Many people are either disfigured, or just incredibly ugly. I feel embaressed to be the most handsome dude in here, it's no fucking achievement i can tell you.
 I'm talking about no teeth, deformed heads, completely bugged out looking motherfuckers.
Don't even get me started on some of the tattoos i have 'witnessed' in here..
 I never get over this...if you can see i have nice tattoos, and yours are clearly absolutely shit, what do you expect me to say to you when you show me them? What could i say? What do you want me to say? You know i'm going to be lying to you..for fuck sake you have three bullet holes tattood on your FACE for fuck sake..with blood dripping out. Or this other dude, he had a tattoo on his chest of the superman logo, 'ripping' through his skin. It was absolutely pant shittingly bad. But he still felt the need to show me, and ask me what i thought of it...What do u think? What do you HONESTLY think i think of it?
 Oh, and they ask me how much i think it cost. I try to be kind and say 50 dollars. I'm usually wrong.
"Yo my boy did this for 20 bucks maan"
I can see that. Seriously, i can see it cost 20 dollars..and you got bumped.
 One 'incident' that sticks with me is i witnessed a 'person' eating in a way i'd never seen before. It was animalistic, classless, but somehow completely fascinating watching this adult behave in such a strange, deranged manner..
 We get given some very strange meat products in here. I don't eat most of them. If i can't tell what animal or beast it is from smelling or even tasting the flesh they cart out for us to devour, i ain't on it.
 A few days ago, we were given 'meat loaf'. This shit looked like some skin off an old man's was red, with spots on, shitloads of fat, and had blood on it. Did that stop the population from chowing down? hell no...
 I didn't eat mine. I went upstairs to talk to my freind T about making some food, when i witnessed this spectacle...

Play before reading further...

 This dude was sitting alone..
He was holding this indescribable piece of grissle with two hands, furiosly squeezing it..grease dripping down his fingers and hands all the way to his elbows..he was heavily breathing the whole time, almost wheezing..
 The way he was actually eating the meat was breathtaking. STARING at the piece of meat, he was just chewing it very slowly, smiling the whole time..smiling AT the piece of meat..grease all over his face. It was breathtaking..
 I described the incident to Sha, who hand this contribution to make..
"a gremlin, that's what he looks like, a fucking black gremlin"


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  2. hehe....FLEEEIIISSCCHH!!!!
    Awesome reading the description while listening to Decide!!!!