Friday, 24 December 2010


Ordinary day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Sitting in my cell drinking some tea, looking at photos of my loved ones. One of my freinds come to the cell..
"Hey t-dizly, what's up n*****?)
"Nothing. Same shit, different day. I'm in jail."
"Trying to find a way to escape?"
"i know a way"
"c'mon, i'll show you"
i stand up
"You's a stupid n*****"
fair play.
 Sha tells me it's time to clean the cell. No arguments there. Start sweeping, then mopping the floor, everything is looking and smelling hospital-standard-clean. Nice. Time to go check my emails...
 I walk onto the floor, and head sirens going off, cops jumping out from nowhere with bats screaming at everyone to get the fuck back in our cells..
 We go back into our cells..the captain runs down, and starts shouting if anyone saw what happened. The guy next to us says he did, so they pull him out of the cell, cuff him and drag him out the unit..nice! I find out that this is what happens if you witness an incident...
 Basically, this is what happened...
We have had this COCKsucker working recently, he walks around thinking he is hung like Lexington Steele, and loves messing with people. It's coming upto christmass, we are in jail, give us a fucking break. But he, like a lot of the people that work here, don't see us as human beings, mainly as criminals who don't deserve the shit off their whack trainers. So fuck you too.
 Anyway, he was doing his usual inspecting every room 3 times a day routine, and one of the biggest/toughest dudes in the unit told him to go suck a dick. He, unsuprisingly, took it personally. In the typical professional manner that most people americans do their jobs, he then proceeded to TELL the other inmates in here that he was going to 'fuck him up', which no one believed, as the inmate would've absolutely pulverised him..
 Next day comes. The donkey dick sucker still has beef.
Instead of taking it out with O, he decides to pick on the second smallest guy in the unit, M. Seriously, of all the people, he picks on someone that is 4/5ft tall, and doesn't give anyone any problems. Basically he told Me to go into the visitors room (something hes not allowed to do), told him to stripsearch (something hes not allowed to do), then when M was in his boxer shorts, pushed him face first into the wall when he asked why he was being strip search. Then a fight broke out. Many people say they witnessed the guard holding M in a headlock, punching him in the face. Real professional.
 So...we then have to spend the rest of the day locked down. 24 hours. We are only let out to go and get food...
 at least i got some medication in the room...


  1. Bad times mate. Hope today's a bit better, merry christmas bro! Keep it B6K

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