Saturday, 4 December 2010

toilet paper

You are given toilet paper twice a week. If you run out, it's upto the guard on duty whether he wants to be safe and get you some or not.
 One day the guys next door to us are arguing, we hear they are arguing because one of them needs a shit and he doesn't have any paper. He calls the guard over, and asks for some. She says she will get him some when she feels like it. Two hours go past, and still no paper. He's shouting louder and louder, then everyone in every cell in the box starts kicking the doors shouting 'we want some paper, we want some paper'. Finally the guard comes back after hearing what sounds like a bomb going off, and says 'i told you i'd get you some paper, now you can wait'. So everyone starts kicking the doors again, not to be left out, me an dimitri start kicking away too..then the guard comes back one more time 'you should've listened, now you ain't getting shit'
Then an alarm goes off, and we just see guards running in everywhere..apparently he didn't wait, shat in his hand, and threw it in the guards face when she opened the hatch. Jokes!

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