Friday, 17 December 2010

Good money kid

A year ago, i was hench. I'd got myself into the best shape i've been in, for years. How i did this was pretty simple.
I had very little money. Because of this, i was eating one meal a day..Usually consisting of eggs on toast, or scrambled eggs, or french toast. My money was running out fast. My plane ticket back to the big smoke was rapidly expiring on me, i had about three weeks to get a job otherwise i was going to be stranded the clock was ticking.
 I knew deep down that if i didn't do all i could to stay here, use every resource and try every avenue open to me, i would return to England unhappy, and i would always regret it. So i pulled my finger out.
 My routine..get up, drink a cup of tea, and listen to some Tempa T or Chronic. Then i'd go for a run...the route i took was usually the same, about an hour of running/jogging, and i'd take detours and extra laps depending on how i was feeling at the time. I stuck to this routine regimently, everyday. It worked wonders, i not only seriously got in shape, but it also changed how i was thinking and put me in an extremely positive mindframe. This led to a huge boost in my confidence, which snowballed into every aspect of my life.
 I just had to then get a job..which wasn't a piece of cake. I applied for everything from barwork, to washing dishes, to extra work on tv..eventually it paid off, and i managed to score myself a job at an audio visual consultants as an office messenger. The pay was weak, but i was working a couple of blocks from the empire state building, in the heart of New York, and it made me very happy. My life was the best it's ever been.
 After a while, with the help of others, i fell back into bad habits. Mainly smoking weed. This has been one of the biggest problems for me, i smoke, i get lazy and paranoid, which makes me doubt myself and what i can achieve.
 Unsuprisingly, once i started smoking again (i quit last year) my healthy lifestyle started to decline. Instead of eating healthily, i was ordering take away food. Instead of going for a run, i would smoke a joint and just surf the net. Instead of exploring the city i had dreamed of living in most of my life, i was stagnating, returning to the same unhealthy lifestyle i had once lived in the big smoke. It was dry. I was a dustman.
 Being thrown head first into the lions den that is the Metropolitan Correctional Facility, has had many big effects on me. Mostly, it has given me time to focus. This is something you rarely, if ever, get to do in your daily life. There is always something to distract you, something you think of to do instead..whether its healthy or unhealthy. In this shithole, you have all the time in the world to reflect on your life, your choices, and what makes you happy. There are certain attributes that after 25 years on this beautiful planet, i don't need in my life anymore. One of them is smoking weed all the time. It does nothing good for me, other than make me feel very horny/wanting to fuck. And thinking with my sujuk is what got me into this mess in the first place..
 Coming in here, i realised i had to start working out. Not only was i aware that i had let myself go, but when confronted by a rowdy bunch of 98 criminals all looking like they failed to get a part in 300 because they're too hench, my brain was telling me that i had to bulk up, FAST. For the first few months i wasn't working out..mainly because i was just feeling sorry for myself, walking around like droopy with a fistful of valium up his ass. Once i shook off the bullshit, time to get to work.
 The routine i came up with, was going through the deck of cards doing pushups. That consists of picking four cards at a time, adding up the number (say a 6, 8, 8 and a jack/ten) then doing that until you have worked your way through the deck. I think that's 200? something like that. Then after pushups, doing 5 sets of 30 situps. It's starting to pay off pretty quickly, were once was a beer belly, now is...well, the last remnants of a beer belly with a load of muscles behind them.
 There is certainly a lot of peer pressure in here too. I'm working out with people that are fucking HEEEENCH, and they don't let me stop my workout til THEY are done. "nah kid, you got 50 more to do son" :O long! But it's good, it motivates me to keep pushing...
 One of the best things about constantly working out, it puts you on the biggest next hype. Man's been parring off guys like it ain't a ting, u get me..speaking of..
 Remember the clown i spoke about? Well, his bozo cellmate obviously forgot the boyment that happened, and tried his luck yesterday. After i'd been working out.
 I ordered some shorts from the 'comissary' (shop) and they didn't have the size i ordered, so sent me 3XL shorts instead. Fuck it, i'm not waiting another week for a pair of shorts, so i flossed em. Most people just gave me props like
"yehhh yehh, timdizzle!" and so on..
 So i walk over to wait to use the computer, and i hear this blubbering bafoon mumble something about
"he thinks hes gangster now"
Bad timing.
"nothing i was talking to him"
which was met by raptuous laughter by all the people standing around..including one of the highest members of the New York chapter of the bloods, who continued to fan the flames by pointing at the guy and shouting
"yooo son, timdog almost slapped the shit outta you, he's acting like a real n***** now kid"
Real talk.

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