Sunday, 30 September 2012


I've been having a lot of difficulty recently
staying focussed, getting everything done that i need to get done,
an not freak the FUCK out..

Coping with everything in a calm
and productive manner..

Has not been easy.

It ain't been helped by me spending my waking hours daydreaming
about the outside world and what the fuck i could be doing with
my life right now..


Real talk..

Regurgitating my grievances with life in the form of this
piece of Saturday night scribbling is not going to improve
anything about my predicament OR put me in a better mood.

So i'll spare the details of why
i'm pissed for a later date..

It makes sense to..

It's best to avoid thinking about life's problems for too long
or concentrating on a situation that you don't like for lengthy
periods of time..

It doesn't do you any good!!

Think about it..

If you concentrate on something depressing..

Not on fixing it or what remedies are available to you..

Just fixating on the shitty circumstances
you are currently swirling in..

How do you think it is going to make you feel?

I might have used this scatty metaphor before..

But im'a scrape it out again..

It's like staring at a piece of dog shit
that has been curled onto your living room floor.


The smell..

The sight of the turd sitting there..

Just straight eye balling the shit
is only going to make you feel like sick right?

Concentrating on something rather shitty just reminds
you of how shitty it is.

Instead you can actually get up
and do something about it..

Or alternatively..

Look at something else..

So sticking to that plan of action..

Let's see what happens..

-I woke up this morning. Always a good look.

-After rolling out of bed to get my breakfast,

Some dude who by all accounts is incredibly annoying,
suprised them SHIT out of me by knocking on my door
and giving me a bowl of apples that he'd succesfully wrestled
for in the Infamous 'Seconds Line' and after close inspection,
nothing grim or foul had been done to them..

-For lunch they frisbee tossed
a bunch of fish in breadcrumbs through the door,
this is EASILY the best meal they feed us in here and
after ingeniusely saving two slices of bread from breakfast,
I made me a fucking BIBLICAL mustard and fish sandwhich..

-There is a seriously horrifically violent coffee drought at the moment,
i went to the lengths of purchasing a bag for a fucking BOOK of stamps LAST
Sunday and as it ran out two days later i've been trying to go cold turkey..


I was blessed with half a cup to drink with my
piece of cornbread!!

-A heavily pregnant individual (i know who the father is)
has owed me a bag of cereal for almost THREE weeks now,
despite me paying him in advance.

I'm not happy about this.

He put some water on the flames earlier though
by busting me a whole trash can full of apples..

But no cereal..

-As like any day in here,
I had the opportunity to feed into a very pointless and
idiotic debate regarding somebody's opinion that being Turkish
is the same as being white and that all white men have small penis'
and any white man that hasn't got a small penis "Had augmentation"..

After a good twenty minutes of me being the sole melanin-lacking
participant in a majoritally black debate i threw in the towel without
any need for transferring verbal communication to physical..

Which is ALWAYS a result in here..

-After hearing me complaining for absolutely
no valid reason that i was hungry and had jack shit
in my box other than soap and hygene products,

One of my freinds gave me a bowl of Cinnamon toast Crunch.

Which i remixed into APPLE Cinnamon toast Crunch..

-The evenings feed troth was stacked with Chicken patties,
another one of the more palatable collections of dust, cling-ons
and dustbin-lifted concoctions i am currently using to keep
on keeping on..

-At one point my mood started to take a turn for the worse..

The clouds began to form..

Images of a pure skin an bones Timothy with long hair,
some next ZZ-top beard and over grown fingernails,
sitting in the corner of a jail cell rocking back and forth
began to creep it's way back onto my conscious..

Thankfully for me..

A dude who i have been working out with recently came to get me,
and a shitload of pushups, dips, squats, NO weights as we're not allowed,
added with a load of random conversations about the bars we used to
frequent back in Brooklyn..

I felt a lot better.

-My modest accumulation of sweat
got a good cleaning in some hot water,
something not always guaranteed when you
stand under the silver nozzle..

-To finish my healthy evening,
i peeled a shitload of apples, obviously not with a knife,
chopped them into little chunks and after dashing a packet
or two of sweetener on the little pieces..

Added my secret ingredient..

That's my fruit salad.

You should try it!!

I like it.

-Earlier today i was blessed to get a bit of mail,
like most things in my life right now it doesn't always
work the way it should and although i was blessed to
get a copy of "The Filth' comies series it did not come
with any kind of identification material so whoever was
the nice individual who sent me it, thankyou, i really
appreciate the gesture and it's a really dope comic!!

I read it while laying in bed.

Drinking a cup of jailhouse tea.


You see..

When i put a little effort into concentrating on my day..

I remember..

Life isn't so bad.

It could always be worse..

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