Monday, 17 September 2012

No worries Mini

I wake up.

Covered in sweat,
an proceed to semi-consciously
stumble my way to the sink..

While splashing cold water onto my face..

I stare into the mirror.

Marveling at my own glorious Turkish reflection..

My face looks thin.

Even with the beard you can tell.

The small fraction of light in the room
is enough to highlight all the side effects..

Good AND bad..

That have taken their toll on my body
over the past two years.

Take note..

Next to no sunlight and fresh air are not a healthy look.


I can notice the weight i have lost..

Muscle definition gained..

I can pick out the worry lines..

Grey hairs..

Parts of me are looking TOO thin..


Never mind..

I'm gonna take a mental note of all this..

As i really need to get some sleep..

Get this.

I was in Russia..

Everything was mad Soviet looking.

Grey concrete burnt-out buildings..

That type'a shit..

I'm running around with this redhead chick
with a scarf on her head..

She's busting a long grey coat.


We're in some deserted building.

I look out the window..

There's some huge military parade going on,
thousands of soldiers lined up marching through
the centre of the town in formation..

At the front of the parade..

The general.


Gary Oldman.

At this point i look to the left of me
and see the ginger chick shooting heroin..


I look back to the parade,
the 'general' is holding a suitcase..

Which for some unknown reason..

I know is a Nuclear bomb.

Then out of nowhere..

The girl shoots ME up with a load of dope
an starts to give me a blowjob..


Doors open.

Dream over..

After grabbing a bowl of cereal,
i sit down at an empty table.

Not everyone is up at this hour today..

It's very peaceful..

The morning sunlight is breaking through the bars with ease,
brightly lighting up the jail with golden sunlight, i can feel the
heat on the back of my neck..

It's very soothing..

Perhaps this is a sign that today will be a good day..


I pray..

I eat..

I clean cereal off the table and off my face..


An go jump in the shower..

The pressure of the water,
coupled with the blistering temperature I'm rockin'
out with, is washing away all of last nights bullshit..

I must've soaped up an shampooed about three times..

Gave my teeth a good scrubbin'..

Cleaning myself up somethin' SERious..


After pathetically daubing the insides with a soapy sock,
which is about the 'livest reach' i can do right now,
i throw on some clean clothes..

Apart from my burning headache and serious lack of sleep..

I'm not doing too bad..

I just need a little sleep.

But given the option of having some clean air?

Sleep can wait..

For now at least..

The temperature outside is still nice and hot.

I knock out a couple sets of pull-ups an dips
to get the blood circulating..

Pull up my socks..

Turn up the radio..

An start running..


There is nothing i enjoy more in
my life right now than listening to music
and running, i could literally do this
all motherfucking say long..

After half hour,
i dash my wet t-shirt in someone's face..

Dodge a couple swinging fists and shoeless feet..

An speed up..


At one point this young Jamaican kid started running behind me,
i knew he was behind me as i could hear his box of
chess pieces rattling..

That is..

Until the box split open,
scattering Queens, Pawns, Bishops
and assorted jailhouse Chess pieces
all over the fucking place..

Sad thing is..

Most of them got gobbled up by sneaky sneaksters
who instead of giving them back to Jamrock,
kept them so they can file them down and insert them
into their..



He didn't get them back.


Never mind..

I like it when people run behind me..

Or besides me..

They usually do it in an attempt at mockerations or to
make out they can run faster than me..

It gives me a much needed kick in the ass!!

A good five minutes of speed running..

Or however long it takes for them to get tired and quit..

Before i return to my usual pace and keep on keepin' on.


After an hour of running,
i got myself a cup of warm water and put my radio down,
I'd had enough of loud music and simply wanted to enjoy
the moment. I don't get to go up there much and I've had
a lot of stuff on my mind recently that has kept me from
going up there running. Either that or I've let my mood
dictate whether I'll go up there, making up an endless
list of pointless excuses that'll keep me in my cell staring
at the ceiling instead of being outside looking at the sky,
reminding myself that life isn't over..

With my cup in hand i slowly walked around the yard..

Head tilted down..

Breathing in deeply..

The sun is shining brightly today.

As I'm walking I'm thinking about the future
and how much better if will be for me.

I'm thinking about all the good things i have in my life..

My parents..

My loved ones..

The people that have been kind enough to
show me some support through this situation.

Which i am beyond grateful for.

Standing in the middle of the yard,
i take a sip of water and look up at the
bright blue sky above me..

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