Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's Monique!!

FUCK man..

They had me all tarted up in my suit..


Beard nicely trimmed.

Identification in hand.

Then deaded me.

Fucking BATE!!

Outside my door..

There's a bunch of burly morons playing
some boardgame called 'Risk'..

Next to them..

The Poker Table.


There USED to be a Domino table.

But they was wayy too loud!!

Kept blowin' up 'da' spot!!

So motherfuckers got broke the fuck OFF!!



My headache is just about subsiding.

Spent the last hour laying on my side,
squeezing my arm while watchin' my veins gradually
get bigger an bigger under my sleeves..


Real productive day today.

They got Transformers on the telly?


I'm not really in the mood..

"Champagne WISHES!!!"


"Thirty white BITCHES!!"


Headaches starting to come back.

Im'a close the door..

Thanks to my wonderful parents,

I been recieving the USA Today paper.

It ain't shit compared to the classy publications we got back home,

But a motherfucker's gotta make do!!


Today's came with a big section on New York Fashion Week..

"That Tyra Banks freak ass?"

Me an a freind flicked through it earlier..

"Nah! It's Monique!"

It's nice to keep up with that's happening in the world..

"SHEEET! Thas a fat, JUICY motherfucker, whoever the fuck that is!!"

I've never been much for fashion..


I used to work a couple blocks from Bryan Park though,
back then they used to do some of Fashion week around those ends..

"I'd like to cum in her motherfuckin' face!!"


The company i worked for did a couple of Audio installations
for them one year when i was about..

"You KNOW n****r's is knockin' off that big bitch,
i'd push up on that juicy motherfucker!!"

"That big ol' juicy bitch.."

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