Wednesday, 26 September 2012

i don't spit!!

I've been spending my Saturday night lying
on my prayer rug staring at the ceiling..

I've got a couple of new pictures up there..

One is from a sunglasses advert in the newspaper..

The other is some hot redhead actress off the telly..

For the record,
they AIN'T up there for some shady
or perved out reasons i just wanted something
to remind me what's out there in the real world..

Sometimes i really don't want to know
what's happening out there.

At the moment..

I do.


Perhaps it's because the wheels are
slowly starting to move..

Who knows..


What i do know..

My Saturday is all but done.

A very helpful gentleman gave me some shit for my ears,

I think im'a whack them in..

Lay on my side..

An stare out the window for a bit.

Hopefully i might see someone walk by..


Fuck this.

I might aswell just go to sleep..


I mean..

I ain't got no one to talk to..

The quicker i go to sleep..

The quicker tomorrow comes..

An then tomorrow i can go about doing my best
to stay occupied..

Stay busy..

Then before you know it..

It's back to the early hours of the morning..

I write something..

Stare out the window..

Get frustrated..

Then go to sleep.


I had the sudden urge to tell you about how i'm ACTUALLY
feeling in here, vomitting an endless list of complaints about
my quality of life, picking apart all the minute by minute never
ending cycle of disapointments and frustrations that comes
with being a 27 year old English male locked up in a maximum
security prison in a foreign country and doing the same routine
and looking at the same fucking people for years on end with
no definitive end in sight..

But i think that's my que to go to sleep..

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