Sunday, 9 September 2012

The shirt was scarlet. Fuck outta hear.

It's a Thursday afternoon in this motherfucker..

On visit day people get their chicks to stand outside before the V-I
so other motherfuckers can check 'em out..

Or so they can boast to dudes that ain't got no females checkin' for 'em..

I ain't hating..

I done it too!!


Shit gets crazy though..

Pregnant ladies standing out there in the wind an shit,
carting a push-chair with a little one in there and four kids running around..


Little kids holding up signs..


Waving tiny little hands,
while mommy points out what
cell their daddy is being held in..

Sucks to see that shit..


On a lighter note..

Some dude just skanked down the road wearing rouge trousers
an what looked like camel slip-ons..



I see some bald dude coming out of court..

Man's wearing a pink shirt..

I know..

"Only a REAL man wears pink"

I hear all that..

"You have to be comfortable in your own sexuality to wear pink"

I hear that too..


I ain't wearing anything pink.



Swiftly moving on..

I think im'a get back on my cardio bullshit tonight!!

I'm certainly not getting a visit.

As we didn't get no bird today,
i ain't doin' any remixing or cooking either.

So why not suit up?

Go do an hour or two on the stepmachine?

When i say suit up..

I'm not talking about my brown Power Ranger suit..

-Thermal long sleeve

-Sleeveless sweatshirt

-Thermal long johns


THIS shit makes you sweat like a MOTHER fucker!!


This is supposed to help you get your body fat down.

After doing this for an hour and a half..

According to the machine..

You burn about 1200 calories and knock out 400 plus floors.


If you're reading this and you know something about getting in shape,
please bare in mind that i don't and i mostly do this as it keeps me busy,
so i'd appreciate it if you don't piss on my parade please!!


It's not only for getting in shape though..

After doing all that dumb shit,
cleaning the machine, showering,
washing my clothes, drying them out
and making a cup of coffee..

I'm so tired all i want to do is rest..

No thinking..

No stressing..

It's good for me.

But back to the present..


Let's have another look out the window..

I just seen a grown man walking out the court house wearing a white fedora.

With a feather in it.


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