Wednesday, 19 September 2012

aint no thing

My brother is trying to sleep..

so i turned the light out.

I'm out of coffee..

For now i'm gonna have to make do with jailhouse tea!


It ain't TOO bad..

Just make sure you use about a billion tea bags
an let it sit for a while before you drink it..

It's pirched on the corner of my bed,
on top of a load of books.

There's a nice stream of steam rising
off it..

I'm gonna let it sit for a while..

Not only am i on my knuckles at the moment..

But we ain't been to the store in..




This is my explanation for why
i'm currently eating a plastic packet
of peanut butter..

On its own..

Raw dog.


I'm hungry!!

Plus i been eatin' WAY too much bread an bullshit recently..

Not good AT ALL..


Gave my bird away earlier too!!

Not even sure why..

I'm not fasting..

I didn't put it on the market..


Oh yeah!!

I don't particularly car for the jailhouse bird..

It's half the size of what it used to be..

Unless i got all my potions an lotions to remix
the shit out of it..

I ain't too bothered.

Everyone else be fuckin' FIENDIN' for the bird!!

Real talk!!

Early today..

For undisclosed reasons..

My boy had to put his bird on the market.

Hard times.

Considering i didn't have jack shit to jazz mine up with,
i decided to give him my piece instead.

Why not.


I KNOW he'll enjoy it more than me..

Will he appreciate the gesture??


That's not the point..

Watching him stuff the whole piece of bird into his mouth..

Thrashing his head from side to side like..

Heavily breathing..

Shaking the bird from left to right..

Splattering grease, grissle
and blood onto the wall and ceiling..

Spitting bones and cartilidge high up into the air..

An finally..

Watching the mamed lump of bone matter
fly through the air an splat in the middle of the floor
with such a biblically collosal force that all the surrounding
ogres an putrid shit breathed toilet goblins panic,
running in every direction looking for cover..

I'm good.

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