Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Garbage man

In front of me is an envelope.

Inside it is many thumbnails from my time in the town..

Let's have a quick butchers inside!!


It's Lardy McFatso!!


What else we got up in this motherfucker..


Time to put the photos away..

I been getting my affairs in order today.

Sorted through a SHIT load of old emails and letters,
organising them so they can be sent back to England at some point..

When i empted the trash..

I made sure to pour a carton of purely cheesed out milk on top.


"YO! YO! What the FUCK you doin'!!"

The garbage was not this mans concern.

"YO! My n****r! You buggin'!!"

I was not 'bugging'.

"Do you take out the garbage??"

He doesn't.



"Yeah i do!!"

He really doesn't.

"Why you fuckin' up the trash!?"

I stood.


Eyes half closed..

With an expression of purely unimpressedness..

"What? WHAT!?"

I raised an eyebrow..


Pointing at his chest..

Still silent..

I slowly moved my aim to his face..

"Now i know what you're capable of son."

He knew the spot was blown..

"TIMDOG!! You KNOWS You's my favorite White boy!!"

"Nah i ain't hearin' that shit.."

"Oh WORD!?"

Yes 'word'..

"You just looked me dead in the face,
in front of all these motherfuckers, an lied your ass off!!"

"My n****r!?"

"Nah man..(get the) FUCK outta here.."

It's now one in the morning..

I'm laying on my side staring at the wall,
with a brain full of caffeine and repetitive,
annoying questions..

It's kinda hard to grab your nuts,
puff your chest out an floss the Billy Big Balls act
at this time of the night in here.


I was in a RIGHT funk earlier after eye-balling them photos..

There's a part of me..


I still feel like i shouldn't have had to deal with all this on my own.

Real talk.

Then again..

How much better off would i have actually been?

What would i have spent the last two years doing instead?

Would i have achieved the same amount of shit?

For some reason i am reluctant to answer these questions.


I turn onto my back..

The ceiling is covered with bits of advide and quotis i find helpful..

Let's see..

Determination            Secrets
Effort               <----     Of
Time                        Happyness

An just below that..

Ignorance               Roots
Craving         <----    Of
Hatred                  Suffering


What IS the specific meaning of ignorance?

To be ignorant?


According to me..

Refusing to accept the very real possibility
that you could be wrong about something.



According to the Merriam-Webster Picture Thesaurus..


-The state of being unaware of uninformed.


I can go for that!!


There's more..










FUCK this bullshit..

I'm goin' the FUCK to sleep..

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