Friday, 5 October 2012

thursday 4th October remember this date

Ignoring my ego when making decisions
is extremely important.

The never ending tap on the shoulder..

It tells me i should react NOW!!


That type of thing.


It's best to take my time
and think things through.

I know in the long run i will have a better outcome!!

It's all about patience..

Having the discipline NOT to react to my ego's
constant cravings for instant satisfaction.

Whether it's the urge to tell someone
some information that i feel they are ignoring..

Or would make me look like i am 'in the right'..

Physically reacting..

I mean these are all examples based on
a NEGATIVE stimulant i should add..

Someone trying to pull a reaction out of me,
coupled with my brain/ego's need to be percieved
as the winner..

it's always in my best interest to fall back.

I know this.

To take my time..

Think things through..

After all..

An emotional reaction to a situation..

Is never an intelligent one.



Life doesn't always pan out quite like i'd hope.

People are not perfect..

ESPECIALLY those incarcerated!!

Mistakes have and will be made..


But it's LEARNING from those mistakes that's key in
preventing further complications in my pursuit
of a happy and peaceful existence..

I can't learn ANYthing when i'm pissed..

I mean..

Imagine being at school.

What's the chances you are gonna' give a flying fuck
about what the teacher is spraying blams about if
you're sitting there brewing like a motherfucker?






Because you're pre-occupied with the emotion at hand.

Judgement becomes clouded..


Cave man mode.


So right now..

Even though my PATHETICALLY weak brain is biblically
screaming at me to react..

To 'do something right now'..

All for the purpose of satisfying my ego's
need to be deemed as being 'in the right'..


I think im'a just fall back.

Allow my mind some time to settle..

A bit of breathing space.


Before i forget..

Instantly reacting to an externals behaviour,
it usually gives the impression that person has
some kind of control over you..

That they can dictate your mood..

Your state of mind..

Your behaviour..

It gives the impression that
others have power over you.



is not a good look.

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