Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dog look at this nasty freak

I'm slumped over a table,
one arm stretched out cradling my head,
an i'm listening to some serious shit..


I'm not in the best of moods right now..

I've eaten a lot of bullshit today,
an i don't feel like working out tonight..


I am no longer alone!!

My chipped tooth nieghbour has joined me,
sat opposite, with a big smirk on his face an
a copy of the Daily News..

This should be good.

I actually met this dude the day i was knocked,
we was in a holding pen together before getting
put in solitary.

He's ok.

We've had a few ups an downs over the past two years..


But it's all good.


"What up"

"YO!! I didn't know that big n****r from Green Mile was dead!!"

"Yeah mang.."

"THAT shit fucked UP!!

"Yehh mang.."


"Time for them CRACKERS to start dyin'!! Right Timdog?"


An with that..

I'm off to go work out..

Shit was good!

According to the 'Stepmaster ISC Track Climbing System'..

Apparently i did 1000 calories and climbed 360 stories..

Which isn't bad!!

Especially as i did it listening to a mix of Two Chains,
Mob Deep and Weezer..


I feel a hell of a lot better now too.

At least i did a couple productive things today!!

I got an important letter put in the mail..

Helped someone put together a kit for their chick..

Arranged to get my haircut tomorrow..

I'm hoping to get a V-I next week,
an old freind of mine who's in the city might come
pay me a visit for an hour or too..


I put some thankyou letters and sketches together
for people that have already sent in character references!!

Thankyou for your support!!

So yeah..

I'm done for the day.

Time to lay back and admire the fresh additions to the ceiling..

One printout..

One cutout..

Brightens things up a bit.

Reminds me of what's poppin' outside..

Or at the least is a reminder that life goes on,
things change and that i would be wise to concentrate
on all the new experiences i have to look forward to in life,
instead of dwelling in memories of the past..

"Timdog, my n****r, if you fall, fall on your back..:


"If you can look up, you can get up!!"

"You hear me dog?"


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