Sunday, 27 February 2011

No senior Quade, Mars el global meltdowno!

 We have a few tv's dotted around 'the floor',
each usually transmitting some kind of brain-numbingly boring, visual slop,
designed to keep your IQ on the same level as a sperm.
 I've probably watched less than half hour of tv in the last five months i've
been in pergatory, and that was only to see Quade turn on the reactor..In Spanish..

 Today we have 'LOCKDOWN=predators behind bars',
a show all about a maximum security federal penitentuary..somewhere
you go if you have a shitload of time, or are a violent offender..
 I don't fall into either of those categories, so i should be going to a low..

 But for some reason, i feel i should watch this show..

After about five minutes, my freind B comes over to me..He's a 'killer an gorrila'..BIGTIME...
"That's were you're going Timmyboy, me and you..we'll be fighting all those punk ass n****rs!"
"This is just the weapon room n****r, wait til you get to that penitentuary Mickey!"
 Everyone finds what he's saying extremely amusing, especially as it's clearly pranging me the fuck out..
"i KNOW this motherfucker is going to be joining the 'Aryan Nation'! You know what i'm'a do? Im'a tell
em how in MCC you was down with all the n****rs an sp***s Timmyboy!"
 My dude S butts in..
"Timmy don't give a fuck, he's gonna be rollin' with a knife this long (holds hands out to around 2 feet long),
boy's gonna need it too"
:( ! ! !

 On that note, i take my leave to me tier..cup of coffee, some sketches and a quick scraping
of shit matter from my freshly soiled loins, and i'm good money..
 I'm sitting outside my cell drinking my coffee, when another English (S) guy comes an sits next to me,
followed by my Spanish freind J, who points at me and says
"You, you's a real good (pointing at S) no good!"
S tells him to fuck off, an J replies, pointing at me again..
"You, number one! You (S), number seven!"
 I laugh, an J takes it upon himself to dance his way out of the tier..but not
before S shouts at the top of his lungs..

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