Monday, 21 February 2011


The cell is cold tonight. It ain't usually.
Whenever anyone pops into the cell to say hello or borrow
some coffee, they usually bark things along the lines of
"Man, it's nice up in this bitch!"
 Which is usually replied to with a swift
"Don't get comfy n****r"
 For real though,
Most peoples cells are mad cold, and give give off a vibe
that you're in some kind of next grimey Russian jail, purely
cold and depressing!
 It might sounds ludicrously retarded,
but our cell is pretty inviting!
 We keep it mad clean, got some Peruvian chiropractor dude to
put up some shelves an shit, and it's usually pretty warm..Plus due
to the vomit inducing aromas that waft out of the inhabitants assholes,
out of nessecity, mans has had to invest in an air freshner! They don't sell
air freshners though, it's a nasal spray that has had the vicks shit poured out,
and a mix of water and 'muslim oil' put in smells like a fucking meadow!
 It gets RINSED..leaving the 'toilet' that we are forced to dwell in smelling
rather spiffing :D
 For whatever reason, tonight it's pretty chilly up in here...
Coffee and a long sleeve thermal tshirt are keeping the chills at bay for now,
and i'm rocking my (huge) beanie hat for extra's massive,
and people say i look like 'an English cat burglar' when i rock it..I tell them
to keep their fucking voices down as the walls have ears, and i have
enough charges as it is :(
 Earlier tonight i had a fucking DEEEP meal..
No, it wasn't the usual jailhouse toilet made slop they give us, i
wouldn't feed that shit to a dead dog..
 One of my cellies freinds put me in their 'whip'..That means you are
eating with them! It was spicy tuna with rice, vegetables and macaroni n cheese!
 Collecting it was rather amusing..the look on most of the other inmates faces..
I mean, this young kid from London..who has somehow managed to get safe with
all the scariest, grimyest cats in the unit..AND they all have his back..AND on top
of that, he now has them cooking his meals :D
 As i'm writing this, its coming upto midnight..
It's a Tuesday, and my favorite radio set 'the night train' is on at
just past one, mans just gotta waste the next hour..which is very easy..i've been
spending more and more time staring out the window (it's more a glorified porthole) recently..

..There is a lamp post over the road from my cell window, and i find the light
from it captivating. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that colour, or just turned that
way from years of use, but the lamp has a piercing golden glow about it..the trees
around it are bare of leaves and look like they have been lightly dusted with coccaine,
it's a very serene image to stare at..compared to the ugly, depressing visuals that are
forced upon my eyeballs inside this shithole..
 I imagine myself one day standing under this lamp,
Looking back up at this cell..breathing clean air, wearing my own clothes and trainers,
thanking god for giving me another chance at life, at my dream.
 I feel i deserve another chance.
I'm not a bad guy. Far from it. I just lost focus on my life,
and what i should be doing with it.
 Perhaps he will give me a break and through this 'turkish n****r" a
bone..i just have a lot more praying to do i guess..
Here's hoping.

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  1. Head up mate, all you can think to is the future and im 100% that you'll have things figured out by the time you step foot on to the cold streets of new york all the best keep thinking until tomorrow. peace