Wednesday, 2 March 2011


 Out of all the people in here,
you can tell just by looking at people what they're in for..
 You can tell the mobsters apart from the street dealers, the drug barons from the gang bangers,
and the drug mules from the career conmen..
 Then there are one or two individuals who just look like fucking perverts..
..The type of person that if they were in a lineup for a crime they didn't commit,
they'd get picked out anyone just for looking neeeext creepy! Man's just got that fiddler look about them..As S put it
"The type of N that'd hide in a tree or some shit"

..If you recall, i mentioned a certain 'serial jerk off artist'..

 So..We have a new female guard on duty..
The young lady (for prison standards) ain't too bad on the eye. That's my opinion.
 Other people decided to take their evaluation one step further, proclaiming..
"I bet she got a pussy as good as a government cheque, cash that mother fucking anywhere son"
..Eitherway, she's a sweet girl. She usually blushes everytime i go talk to her..Saying that,
i do extra ham it up whenever i go see the point where this fuckrie gal dem probably thinks i
toke it up with Prince Harry, Way down the road..Bless :D

 I come back from showering this girl with pure London brs, and the creep smiles at me and says..
"That dirty cracker, she wants someone to climb up her doo-doo hole"
..errr seen! :S

..I think the least amount of interaction with this preying mantis looking motherfucker, the better,
so just ignore him an skank on back to my cell..

 A couple days later, i'm chilling in the cell, and my guy N runs up in the room..
"Yo, you gotta come check what this nasty creep n****r is doin' son!!"
..To be honest, i don't particularly want to see what he is doing. I can imagine. But as N has
felt the need to run to my cell and tell me in a very excited 5 year old manner, i may aswell entertain the dude..
 We get to the bottom of the stairs, i look up, and see this motherfucker standing in his cell,
with his hand down his pants, openly jerking off. Swear down. This fucking TRAMP is going on SICK!
 To the un-trained eye (not to say i'm trained in recognising motherfucking perverts wacking off) he looks
like he is having a very violent altercation with a weasel..the battle ground being his pants..and he's winning.
..Big time. This dude is on the brink of a double flawless victory, accompanied by a fatality..Weak pathetic Fool!

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