Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bate Bundowns

If i got caught bunning a zoot down, i'd be in big shit...
..But depending who the guard is on duty, and how much of a dangerous individual you are, the rules are sometimes bent or broken..

 Sha tells me a story..
It's 9am. He decides to have a zoot for breakfast, as you do!
..The technique of this is no secret, you lie on the floor, next to the air vent that you have pulled out of the wall so it sucks all the smoke/smell out, and bun it down..This is usually done late at night, so there isn't any chance of being busted..

..So, Sha is lying down on the floor smoking a joint at 9am, and lo and behold one of the guards walks over and taps on the window..
"w...what the fuck? Manson!?"
Sha responds..
"Either come in or close the door n****r!"
the guard opens the door,
"Is that a cigarette? are you smoking weed!?"
"yeh n****r, you wanna hit?"
The guard simply closes the door
"This n****rs buggin!

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