Friday, 4 February 2011

Long Day

 I'm eating a bag of plantain chips (look them up, they're BAD) and i notice Sha preparing to take a shit..
"c'mon man, i'm eating"

"Fuck that n****r, you gotta be prepared for war, this is training :D "


..It's been a long day.
Actually, boring day is more accurate.

..I'm fucking tired.
It's only eight in the evening, but i've spent most of today just working's good!
 I feel healthy, and it's starting to show..

 About a month after i first came in, i looked fucking terrible..

 I had lost a SHITload of weight due to stress, my hair was crazy long, slicked back, and
my beard was all over the fucking shop..

 I looked like Oldboy, when he's bugging the fuck out (coincidently early in HIS incarceration)..

 Luckily, now is a different story..
I am in the best shape i've been in for years..I get my beard and hair trimmed by M every two weeks,
with his excellent razor blade-taped to comb technique..Man's trying to keep it together! Not only
for the female guards, but for my own self makes me feel good :)

 Some new dude asked Sha who his cellie was today,
and Sha points at me and says
"That n****r, Gerard Butler"
..I think that was a compliment?

 My favorite radio set is on tonight (Tuesday) 'The Night Train' on (89.9fm),
it ain't on til one in the morning though...LONG!
 Plus, the 'elevator' is out of service at the moment..i think they've been doing maintenance work
or something the last couple of days..which means no 'germs' or crackalicious goodies to bun down :(

..All is not lost though!
I managed to blag a can of pepsi off my buddy T, and one is currently
sipping this bad boy on the rocks, while listening to some Brazilian Jazz, while
glancing out the window at the snow covered sidewalk below..

..Sha is outside the cell playing poker/hustling motherfuckers out of many a tuna..

..For some reason he has a towel on his head. He looks like some kind of O.G Sultan..He keeps
getting mad and smashing his hand on the table shouting
 "FUCK YOU N****R"
..I don't think things are going very well at the 'casino' tonight..

 I'll be honest, it looks like things could take a turn for the worse..This towel he is using for a
hat/headscarf seems to be inspiring some kind of Egyptian themed beatdown/flip mode..
 It wouldn't be the first time either..I've seen it all before..

..The table goes flying..people are screaming "CALM DOWN DOG!"..
and generally it just creates an awful mess and gets everyone locked down for the next few hours..

 Yep he's just thrown all his cards on the floor, here we go again..

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