Wednesday, 16 February 2011

romantic evenings

It's a Friday night in New York City..
 The jail i am imprisoned in is suprisingly serene and calm..
Or maybe that's just me. I'm sitting alone in my cell, gazing out the window..for now, my only company
consists of a cup of coffee and my radio.
 I'm in the mood for some jazz, luckily my radio is in a good mood and has happily obliged, instead of doing it's
usual antics of blasting my ears with explosive diarrea in the form of shit hip hop in the vein of 'Nicki Minaj' and 'Lil Wayne'..
 Sha is working tonight..
The guard asked him and some other inmates to do some manual labour in nine south,
so i have the cell to myself for the evening..
My own little batchelor pad!
Right in the heart of Manhatton!
How lucky can one Englishman be right!?
 Sooo many endless possibilities of what i could do with my newfround privacy..
Well, there's only one possibility to be honest..and yes, you guessed it,
i shall be spending my evening jerking my turkish sujuk to one of Swizzys magazines :)
amazing stuff!
 If anyone feels like making a contribution to my current sex life, by the means of getting
me a subscription to Smooth or Dimepiece magazines, details below..i'll pay you back yeh..
Timothy Guvercin
MCC New York
150 park row
new york, ny

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