Sunday, 6 March 2011

My son works on Broadway!

I had a few various jobs that kept me afloat while i was running
around New York..
 None of them paid well, but i really didn't give a flying fuck..As long as i had
enough money to pay my rent, food and a little booze money, i was happy.
 Occasionally i would save up some dough for the odd tattoo or shirt,
but nothing overtly extravagant..
   Most of my work was found on Craigslist.
 I would scan that site looking for any kind of cash-in-hand work,
sending 15-20 emails a day to all types of people..Manual labour,
handing out leaflets, data entry, dish washing, bus boy work, anything
and everything that paid! I was just desperate to stay here, and that needed
 ..One day my persistance finally paid off.

 It was the summer of 2009 and i had just finished my job as a busboy
at a Turkish restaurant in Williamsburg.
Despite it being ball-bakingly hot outside, i was going to all the local bars and restaurants, handing out
resumes, in a long sleeve black shirt..After all, the firs timpression one makes is very important, and when a
potential employer sees you are heavily tattood with exploding heads and manga characters,
it ain't always a good look u get me!


I'm all dressed up and ready to go and hand out these crudely written, uncheckable, bullshit filled resumes,
and i recieve a phone call..
 It is from a gentleman who says he is following up an email i sent him about some office messenger work.
To be honest i don't remember sending the email, but that's not the point..he asks if i can come in for an
interview the following day.

..I look at the shitty crumpled resumes in my hand, and quickly make a decision..

"I can come and see you now if possible?"

..He pauses.

"Sure! Why not!"
 I think this split second decision was a wise one, as i started working as an office messenger
the following morning :D

 Timothy Guvercin was now an office messenger at an audio visual consultancy, in the heart
of Manhatton! It was a small business. There were only 5 employees, including me and the owner. We mainly rented equipment to various magazines, Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Architectual Digest etc. when they needed to do boardroom meetings an such. Most of the firms business was located through the Conde Naste Publishing building.

 It didn't pay very weell, but i was working two blocks from the Empire state building, i got to dress in fly garms everyday, free travel, company phone..and around Christmas 2009 i was appointed to deliver many bottles of champagne, that may or may not have reached their destinations along the way :D

 All in all, this job kept me afloat and without it my adventure in new York would not have been possible, so i'd like to
say a thankyou to my old boss for taking a chance with me..

 It was a job i thoroughly enjoyed, i got to do a lot of exploring around the city everyday,

kept me in shape and i was easily the happiest i have ever been. I was healthy, self sufficent
and 'somewhat' legitimate..I don't think i have ever been as happy as i was back then, i hope
one day i can return to that same level of happyness that i was at back in the fall of 2009..

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