Monday, 21 March 2011

Oatmeal or Cereal

At this point in my life,
while residing at MCC in New York City.
I rarely get up for breakfast.

 What the fuck is the point.

Given the choice of getting up at around six in the
morning to grab some ultra fishy oatmeal or a pack
of dry ass cereals,
 to staying asleep where i am still free and can dream
of better days and happier memories..
 It's an easy decision.

 Back when i was 'pon road in Brooklyn,
my start to the day was anything BUT healthy..
 Most mornings were started with a cup of coffee
and a zoot, followed by a call to the local diner for
some omellettes and other assorted bollocks.

 Failing that,
mans would fryup some eggs and bacon, followed by
another zoot and a cup of tea of coffee on my fire escape.

 This extremely unhealthy lifestyle led me to getting in very bad shape..
and in general, completely lose focus on my life and what makes me happy.
 I was living a life of excess,
surrounded by empty cats that didn't genuinely give a fuck about me,
and were only along for the ride..

 My life in Maspeth,
Queens, was certainly a far cry from the self indulgent cycle i had
found myself in up until my arrest..

 Maspeth was a very chilled, quiet place to live..
..Too quiet for my tastes,
but at that time in my life it was exactly what i needed.
 From the moment i was dropped at my new residence, i was very isolated.
I remember my first meal there, the only thing that was in the fridge,
Cookies and Beer :D

Once i had got settled into the room i was renting in this very strange apartment,
finished scrubbing the kitchen to get rid of all the ants that had also taken residence,
mans needed to focus.
 I had managed to get all the way to New York, and despite my dwindling funds and
lack of job opportunities available, i knew that if i didn't do everything in my power to make the
most of this opportunity, i would regret it for the rest of my life.

 First off,
I needed a routine. A positive, constructive routine at that.
 As i didn't have a fucking clue about where i was or how to get anywhere,
every morning i would go for a run.
 Just pick a direction, and go.
If i got bored in the evening, i'd go for another run..Why not? It was good
for me to be exercising all the time, it definitely helped motivate me and
keep my focused on the bigger picture..
This helped me to get my bearings and learn the ends i was i was getting in really good shape too!

 Around this time i had very little money at my disposal.
My food intake was extremely minimal, i'm talking one meal a day..and lots
of bottles of water! After many, many days of eating either bacon, eggs, or
bacon AND eggs,

 I had to learn how to cook something. Anything.
Armed with my laptop and a very crappy internet connection usually
only used for downloading music, movies or porn,
i decided to google how to cook spaghetti..(seriously)
 Once 'mastered',
this was my main meal for a very, very long time! I'd make a
hench pot of the stuff, an yam it over the space of a couple
of days..It was mad basic, sauce, chopped tomatoes and a
couple of spicy sausages, but it tasted fucking good
never the less!
 I did at one point attempt to make a vegetable stew..
..despite my best efforts, and it looking pretty fresh,

it tasted harrowingly foul.
 Sometimes i would eat my meals in the garden. It was
a shithole but as the weather was nice,it was cool chilling
there with a beer an a slice..

..if my memory is correct,
i think the vegetable stew got fed to next doors dog 'pookie'..
he seemed to enjoy it,

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