Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Day and Night!

I havn't really been working out recently..
I seem to have injured my right wrist.
 No, i do that with my left hand.
Anyway, without the prospect of hot water, working my Turkish balls
into a sweat doesn't seem like the brightest of ideas..
 Lame excuse,
granted, but when your conditions are fucking cold, having a cold
shower really ain't all that appealing to me..

 My lack of exercise has left me feeling weak,
and that is not a giid combination in this DUMP.

 My small, raki soaked Turkish brain is used to that 'feel good' rush i get from working out. It has

kept me upbeat and positive.
 Without it, it is all too easy for my mind to wonder..
..Usually in a negative direction.

 Once that happens, i start acting like a moron.
I stay in my room, stare out the window at the 'civilised world' below,
dwelling on all the 'what ifs' in the world, opening the doors to all
those imobolising thoughts that follow.
..I need to get back on it.

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