Thursday, 3 March 2011

War like Iraq

I'm having trouble sleeping.
I really shouldn't be. A guard that eerily resembles a stroke ridden Vin Diesel
woke me up at some god forsaken hour for a 'legal visit'..
 Waste of time. My attorney thinks i'm stupid. Good luck with that 'bro'.

some reggae just came on the radio! Reggae always makes things better..

 See :) ?
Most music on the radio here just makes me extremely annoyed. No matter
how hard i was flossing on road, while sitting here in pergatory, i do not want to
hear things like..

 Seriously. You can keep ALL that shit thankyou very much..
 What i would give to listen to some fucking Grime up in this bitch!?
It's been almost HALF A FUCKING YEAR now since i've heard any :(
 I guess all situations need to be looked at in a positive light though,
i can bank that if i was skanking around the jail listening to shit like this

 I'd probably be in solitary confinement right now..
What for?
"Mr Guvercin slapped man off the phone, tried to call guys,
kicked the HDTV from the stand then flipped the matress an searched for the cash..
 an officer tried to stop him but Guvercin went mental an sent him to the dental.."
 I should probably just go to sleep...

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