Sunday, 27 March 2011

Break Him Up

 so it's a quartre to three in the morning.

 I was just about to turn the light out and go to sleep,
when out the corner of my eye, i spot the mouse..

 He spots me,
and quickly decides to run for cover..under my cellies
bed. His usual escape plan..
 As i can't sleep,
tonight i am tempted to alert my partner to the unwanted
guest taking residence under his sleeping quarters..
 I've been drinking a lot of coffee today,
and i'm sure that watching him trash the cell trying
to catch
 "That sneaky n****r"
Would be rather amusing..
 Last time he thought he saw Topo Gigio, i was awoken
to the sight of him swinging the broom around like the star
wars kid, wrecking all the shelves and making a biblically epic mess..
..swearing profusely. The broom must have touched every single
surface in the cell.
                         To no avail.
"That sneaky n****r's buggin if he thinks i ain't gon break him up"

 I'll be honest,
the sight of a mouse getting 'broken up' is not something i want to see.

 I witnessed a 7 foot tall individual,
who has more than a striking resemblance to Kimbo Slice,

stamp in a very big rat in the kitchen a few weeks back..
..The only thing that made that incident funny was the huge grin gleaming
from underneath his beard. Other than that it was pretty mank seeing a
splatted rat in the middle of the kitchen floor..Just a crumpled mass of hair and blood..

 On that note,
i think i'll just go to sleep..i personally don't got no beef with Topo Gigio,
he can take up his grieviences with my cellie another day..
 Hopefully when i'm not in the of right now, i don't really feel the
need to pull a Don King and inititate a battle royale at three in the fucking morning..

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