Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Last summer i had gotten myself into
a right fucking state of affairs..

 Sitting around my yard,
rinsing super nintendo games,

consuming epically pointless amounts of weed,
japanese/mexican/italian take away food and going
drinking and partying all the time had left me seriously
lacking focus on my life,
 and what it means to me.

 I was feeling paranoid,
and despite the fact that i had made i to New York,
was living in a sick apartment, had no money worries,
an ever growing collection of fitteds, sneakers,

and other material horseshit, my self esteem was at an
all time low.
 It really shouldn't have been,
i mean for fuck sake, i had just gotten married!?
July 13th 2009,
at City Hall just off of Broadway,
Timothy Ozer Guvercin attempted to make an honest woman
out of his partner..if you clear all the bullshit out the way,
to be deadly honest, he was trying to make a whore a housewife..
..and predictably, as you all know, failed miserably! :)
 Motherfucker never had a chance..

 As the months that followed rolled by like the endless sheets of rolling paper
getting rinsed, it became evident that i was not going to get the encouragement,
support or inspiration that one would hope to come from ones life parter/spouse/wife/better half..
 Even so, i simply couldn't give up and accept my fate,
to spend the rest of my days glued to the Maury Povich show,
 it was time to pull my socks up and fix the fuck up..

 From my experiences in Maspeth, i knew exactly what i needed to do
to get myself back on track. First step=start exercising!
 Now, this wasn't quite as easy as in queens.
In Maspeth i could go wherever the fuck my turkish balls pleased, at
any time of the day or night.. ain't going down like that in Bushwhick. 'son'..

 Never the less, after a couple of days jogging random
directions around my ends, once again i had my bearings,
and knew where to go, and more importantly, where the fuck
NOT to go..
 My ends was covered with reaches,
so it was always worth bringing my budget camera out, even
just to the local store..

 After a while i got bored and decided to
walk from my yard in Bushwhick, up into Manhatton..
 The bop was quite far, but on a nice day, with some tunes,
it was a cool way to spend the day..

 I'd usually do this bop on my own,
at first, not out of choice mind you..I tried to drag
the 'Mrs' along, to no avail.
 Despite my best efforts, the former Mrs Guvercin
was more than content spending her days parked in front of endless
episodes of Judge Judy, surrounded by rolling paper,
KY jelly lubricant, smalls bags of cannabis and takeaway menus..

Bless her cotton socks :) x

 One thing about rolling on your jaes,
you can take your time. You ain't in no hurry. I would
take full advantage of this, bopping down different roads,
side streets and wherever i thought looked interesting..doing so,
you never know what kind of shit you might bump into..

 From my yard in Bushwhick, it was one straight road to get to the city..

 We was just by the elevated JMZ train line,
one of them overground train lines..

..I'd simply walk under that until i got to the Williamsburg bridge..

 Bopping on foot,
or even sitting on the train, you can't help but notice that the rooftops and
building leading up to the bridge are completely battered with reaches..

 Once over the bridge, you're slap bang in the Lower East Side.
In the city, the scenery is always changing.
 New reaches, buildings, murals, you name it..
Most of my life in New York City,
i would take my camera everywhere i went on road.
 There is always something interesting happening,
no matter where you live, you've just got to make sure
that you are out there to see it..


  1. I used to love just clickin away with my disposable cameras i have books and books of shit from NYC cops eating doughnuts, street signs the MTA crazy ass drunk tramps, the rocks in central park, neon dreams all in a drunken haze.

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