Monday, 21 March 2011

Snail Mail

I've been recieving a few letters and books recently,
it's always nice to hear from heads, whether i know you or
not, it's really touching to know that there are some people
out there who care about me and what is happening to me..
 ..or mans who find great amusement at the mental picture
of me being locked in a room while a 260 pound man shits
his guts out. Daily.

 Either way,
your support means more to me than you could ever know,
Keep it Coming!

 To Gabrielle, Si Dee, Amanda,
Sebastian, Areti, Jim & Danielle, Lyne Batch, Tom Ed,
Hollie, Jake, Jennifer, Alex G, Boris, Keely, Liz, Joe
& Ed, and the dude from Kingston,
Much love!
 Your letters made me smile, brightened my day, and
if only for a moment helped me forget my bullshit situation,
chill the fuck out and reminded me that there's good people
out there,

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